Exclusive Video: Craving for a healthy sweet dish as it rains outside? Allow Rasika Dugal to share her recipe of Oats and Jaggery Halwa!


The three-month-long lockdown due to the outbreak of Coronavirus allowed our B-Town celebrities to spend some at leisure but with safety. Some were channeling their inner Picasso while the others were experimenting in the kitchen in the absence of domestic help. Amid this, cooking seemed to be a favourite with most of our Bollywood members. Given this newly discovered talent of actors and actresses, PeepingMoon.com, in a new series, took a sneak-peek into Rasika Dugal's kitchen. The actress who welcomed us into her kitchen, taught viewers of PeepingMoon and her fans the recipe of healthy Oats and Jaggery Halwa. 

Talking about Oats and Jaggery Halwa, Rasika shared the recipe that she found on the internet to satiate her 1 am sugar craving. Healthy as it can get, the halwa is the perfect dish to enjoy indoors while it pours outside. Oats and Jaggery Halwa can be a quick fix to all sweet cravings with a healthy and yummy twist. To make it, one will require 1 cup oats, 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds, walnuts, almonds, cardamom and a half cup of jaggery.

Let's get started!