Bigg Boss 14 Promo: Jaan Kumar Sanu pushes Rahul Vaidya in anger, says 'mere baap pe jaane ki teri aukat nahi'


In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 14, we saw all the contestants going through the drill of nominations. After a heated nomination process, Nikki Tamboli, Pavitra Punia, Rahul Vaidya, Jaan Kumar Sanu were put under the radar of being shown the exit door this week. 

Now, in the latest promo, Rahul is seen provoking Jaan by taking his father's name as he says, "Kumar Sanu ke bete ko yeh sab shobha nahi deta". This makes Jaan extremely angry as he pushes Rahul and Nikki-Pavitra soon warn him to not get physical. Rahul then calls Jaan a 'ladki' which angers the contestants even more.

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Stunned by Rahul's sexist comment, Naina who is fondly called Nonaberrry by her fans came forward and took a stand for Jaan and slammed Rahul for labeling Jaan as a 'girl'. She retorted back at the singer by saying "Aapko kya lagta hai, ladkiyaan kamzor hoti hai Rahul? Tu khud bann jaa thoda ladki, kya pata accha khel le" (What do you think girls are weak? You yourself should become a girl; might help improve your game)

Well, looks like tonight's episode is going to be all about Jaan's-Rahul's newly formed rivalry and Nikki changing sides. 

(Source: Colors TV)