Bigg Boss 14 Day 24 Highlights: Kavita Kaushik, Jasmin Bhasin and Naina Singh out of the captaincy race; BB World Tour task causes havoc in the house


Salman Khan's controversial show Bigg Boss 14, which kickstarted with a bang on October 3, is having a good run in its fourth week as well. This year's contestants Eijaz Khan, Nikki Tamboli, Rubina Dilaik, Abhinav Shukla, Jasmin Bhasin, Nishant Singh Malkani, Shehzad Deol, Jaan Kumar Sanu, Pavitra Punia, and Rahul Vaidya were recently joined by 'new freshers' Kavita Kaushik, Naina Singh, and Shardul Pandit. 

Monday's episode was all about Kavita schooling the housemates on BB rules and ugly fights taking place in the nominations task. 

Here are the top 10 highlights from the Day 24 of Bigg Boss 14: 

- The day began with a massive fight between Nikki and Jaan because of Rahul. Jaan told Nikki not to hang out with him if she wanted to talk to Rahul as he disliked him. 

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- Rahul then called Jaan a 'ladki' that made every girl in the house angry. Naina slammed Rahul for his sexist comment and told him to become like a girl, maybe then he could play the game properly.

- Jaan then got into a heated argument with Rahul after he took his father Kumar Sanu's name. Nikki tried to stop the two but Jaan pushed Rahul and warned him to never take his father's name. 

- Later, wild card entries Kavita Kaushik and Shardul had a heated argument when the housemates were supposed to vacate the house for sanitization and Kavita was given the message to ensure everyone is out of the house and the food is all covered.

- In the red zone, Jaan and Nikki joked that Pavitra and Eijaz looked like a married couple. Pavitra then said she certainly had attachment (with Eijaz). “Mujhe raat bhar lag raha tha Eijaz k paas jaa k let jaau (The night before Eijaz went to the green zone, I kept feeling like going to Eijaz and lying by his side and I could not sleep). I am attached, of course. I know he is also attached..We don’t accept and perhaps wont ever but,”Pavitra told them.

- Next morning, Eijaz went up to Nishant, Rubina and Abhinav asking everyone to ensure that bottles of all products must be placed carefully in the bathroom area. Eijaz also mentioned that people were being careless with the products as it all came for free in the Bigg Boss house. This made Nishant super angry as he went and told Eijaz not to say such cheap things. Eijaz answered back saying that no one can tell him what to say and told him to not take it personally. 

Bigg Boss then gave a new task to the teammates in which they could win the captaincy and snatch it away from the current captain Kavita. All that the contestants needed to do was to take care of their travel bags while sitting on a bicycle and ensure that the bags are with them until the end of the task. While it sounded simple, this task took on an increasingly offensive mode where the contestants started snatching the travel bags.

- Soon the friendships were put to test where the nominated contestants had to come out of the red zone and snatch the bags of the other housemates. The Red Zone contestants planned how they could benefit by making someone from their own team a captain.

- Rahul targeted Jasmin and snatched her bag which made her fall off the cycle. Jasmin did not take this lightly and lost her cool. She cried and howled at how people in general have a perspective that women are considered weak. Rahul was then in a spot!



- The episode ended with Jasmin complaining to Bigg Boss about Rahul and asking him why he has called such low standard people on the show that blackmail girls during tasks. She kept shouting and asked why boys in the house intimidated her like that. All this while, Rahul kept quiet and gave his explanation, looking at one of the cameras. 


(Source: Colors TV)