Bas rone aayi hai Bigg Boss 14 mein: Netizens slam 'drama queen' Jasmin Bhasin for 'playing the woman card' during her fight with Rahul Vaidya


Tuesday's Bigg Boss 14 episode was all about an ugly fight between Jasmin Bhasin and Rahul Vaidya during the BB World Tour task. In the task, Rahul targeted Jasmin and snatched her bag which made her fall off the cycle. Jasmin did not take this lightly and lost her cool. She cried and howled at how people in general have a perspective that women are considered weak. "I spit on a man like this," said Jasmin as she walked off. Rahul was then in a spot! 

Jasmin kept complaining to Bigg Boss about Rahul and asking him why he has called such low standard people on the show that blackmail girls during tasks. She kept shouting and asked why boys in the house intimidated her like that. All this while, Rahul kept quiet and gave his explanation, looking at one of the cameras. Jasmin then hit herself constantly on the sofa while Abhinav, Rubina, and Shardul tried to calm her down. Rahul. on the other hand, said that she is an actress and will do her acting on the show as well. 

Now, Twitter has reacted to the controversy with divided opinions. While Jasmin's fans have called Rahul sexist, most of the public has called Jasmin a 'drama queen'. 

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Will Rahul and Jasmin sort their differences out and play cool in the game or get into another ugly spat? Well, we will have to wait and watch! 

(Source: Twitter)