Aisa lagta hai ki iss industry mein badappan nahi hai, It’s time that outsiders become insiders: Amit Sadh


The Hindi film industry and star kids are currently facing the wrath of several groups on the internet for nepotism, favouritism and the insider vs outsider debate. While several celebrities are not keen on commenting on the on-going debate, actor Amit Sadh has come forward to address the issue. The actor, who has always been open to comment on various issues, feels 'ki iss industry mein badappan nahi hai, bade logon mein. Joh umar aur audhe mein bade hai.'

When asked about the nepotism, he said, “I have put in years of hard work in this industry to reach where I am today. I feel that I could be where I am, because of someone’s goodwill and support. However, it’s also the hard work one puts in that gets the audience and the industry to laud your efforts and support you,” he said, adding, “Having said that, can more be done for fresh talent? Is there a system in the industry that’s crippled? Can we diminish the discrimination? Do we need a debate and an introspection for all this? My answer to all these questions is, yes!”

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Amit is keen of being a part of introducing this change in the industry. “It’s time that outsiders become insiders, and we all applaud and appreciate those who are new to this industry. If we give a hand to these budding actors and tell them that they are not outsiders, but very much insiders like any of us, then the industry will become a much better place,” said the actor.

He added, “Mujhe aisa lagta hai ki iss industry mein badappan nahi hai…bade logon mein...joh umar aur audhe mein bade hai. I hope we have the love and compassion to treat everyone equally. One should treat everybody’s son and everybody’s relative, like they would treat their own (in the workspace). We’ll have to learn to co-exist. It is possible if we decide to auto-correct each other.”

The actor also calls out the star system in Bollywood and explains, “When a film is releasing, everybody asks who the main lead is. We tend to miss out on the other actors, who are also part of the project. We just don’t want anyone else to shine, especially when a film is also about others, who are an important part of it. Jo bade hain, jinke paas itna kuch hai woh agar newbies ko push kare, then, that will make them look more powerful. That is power, that
is stardom!”

Amit concluding by saying a few lines a fan once wrote to him. “A star is not about being famous, successful or rich. It is about how inspirational or impactful he/she is through his/her work, and how it changes the lives of the people.”

(Source: Times Of India)