My colleagues told me he’s gonna take my case if I asked him stupid questions: Aditya Roy Kapur on being 'quite nervous' before interviewing Ram Gopal Varma as a VJ


Actor Aditya Roy Kapur graced Neha Dhupia's talk show No Filter Neha season 5 and talked about being 'quite nervous' before interviewing filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, back when he was a VJ. He reminisced the most notorious people he had interviewed as a VJ and said he was intimidated before interviewing Ram.

Sharing the incident, he said, "There were a couple of people at that time you would always hear stories about being notoriously tough to interview. So, I know I had to interview Mr. Ram Gopal Varma, I was still quite nervous about everything and those guys don't help yaa. Back at channel V, they used to really try and intimidate me and trouble me like, ‘Listen, he’s gonna screw you haan really he’s gonna take your case if you ask him any stupid questions, don’t be like just flippant’. So I just remember they worked me into this nervous wreck but eventually he was really sweet yaa and I think maybe he saw that I was kinda nervous in the interview and he looked at me and said okay, this one’s a little, you know."

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Talking about quitting VJing, Aditya said, "You know in the first 3 years that I was a VJ, I was hosting in English because that's the language I'm most comfortable in at least talking like myself and then suddenly this whole reality show burst on the scene, and Roadies happened and reality television made its way into India. Suddenly from Hosting in English, I had this show called ‘Aditya’s Playlist’, where I used to play all kinds of stuff that I wanted like Led Zeppelin and suddenly overnight everything flipped on its head, suddenly I had to start hosting in Hindi. It was a little jarring because as a VJ, you're kind of expected to be quick-witted and funny and crazy. In the language, you’re the most comfortable in, it’s easy but when it shifted to Hindi, I was like oh shit."

On the work front, Aditya was last seen in Mahesh Bhatt's Sadak 2 that released on Dinsey Plus Hotstar with theatres being shut amid the COVID-19 pandemic.