Must eat for myself as opposed to eating for two: Kareena Kapoor Khan on cheat meals, pregnancy myths and fitness regime


Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan got everyone extremely excited back in August when they announced they are expecting an addition to their family after their son Taimur Ali Khan. Pregnant for the second time now, Bebo admitted to having learned several lessons from her first while carrying Tim.

In her recent interview with a leading daily, Bebo shattered some pregnancy myths by clearing the air around her diet, the very common one being ‘eating for two.’ When she was expecting Taimur, she ‘tended to believe the myth that an expecting mother (must) eat for two.’ “I made choices that (made me) gain about 25 kilos. But, the most important thing that I learnt was that regardless of how you alter your diet, you should stick to the basics- the right amount of nutrition through grains and vegetables. Women have a lot of cravings when they are pregnant, but I realised that I must eat for myself as opposed to eating for two,” she said.


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Speaking about fitness training while expecting, the actress stated that she follows a regimen on a regular basis and that her ‘fitness regimen and nutrition are the two constants in her life.’ Taking care of her diet and following simple methods to stay fit has benefited the actress till now. “Accepting your body type goes a long way in staying (happy). As long as you are healthy, the shape or size that you are should not matter. I stay positive and train regularly. I am generally confident about myself, and my body. A fitness journey must be cathartic, as it is for me.” Kareena also said that her BFFs Amrita Arora and Malaika Arora keep her motivated to stay fit. “We keep each other driven, and egg one another on to follow the routine together. We have our group workout sessions often, and that is fun,” she continued.


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What eating habits does this 40-year-old yummy mummy follow? Well, Bebo consumes simple vegetarian food in small proportions. Striking the right balance, and sticking to the right proportion (is the trick). I divide my meals into multiple [portions], and that helps me stay full and energised throughout the day. But, I ensure that I do not exceed my portion in each meal.” The stunner swears by ghee and makes sure to get adequate nutrition from it. I add a teaspoon of it in my meals and have a bowl of curd at least once in a day. I also include green leafy vegetables and stay hydrated at all times,” she revealed.  


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But then there are days when she lets herself a little loose and indulges in pasta and caramel custard at least once a week. Not going overboard, the diva compensates for it by not adding excess cheese. “I prefer having gluten-free pasta, and enjoy beetroot pasta too. I usually get it made at home because the ones prepared outside are too heavy, and leave me feeling full. I ask my cook to make it in an olive-oil preparation,” she concluded.

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