Feeling like your makeup isn't looking that great? Steer clear of these 10 commonly made makeup mistakes to get that au-natural look


Applying makeup is like an art that can take a while to get the hang of. A lot of us even end up making quite a few mistakes before finding the right technique that works the best on us. Like a tried and tested situation, makeup can be a challenge. But does that make it an impossible skill? No!

While it can take a little time to get the hang of it, knowing how to apply makeup can be a huge asset. So how to get those skills into your bag? The easiest way to do so is to avoid these ten commonly made mistakes while applying makeup that can lead to a not so good look:


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Applying makeup on dry skin is one of the biggest makeup mistakes, which can make the face look dull, cracked, old, and tired. Everything good is built on a solid foundation, and in this case, properly prepped and moisturised skin. So, it is a must to prep the face well by hydrating it before you apply makeup. Cleansing, toning, facial oil, and moisturising are the best ways to ensure that. 


Most people reach for their concealer stick or brush and go to town, doing their best to hide dark circles. However, if you don't choose the right shade or a product that’s good for your skin, you could end up unintentionally highlighting wrinkles or lines, or end up with a heavy, cakey look. The best way to avoid that is by steering clear from thick foundations and concealers. Instead, opt for the fluid ones which are lighter on the skin and gives it a natural, healthy glow instead of a cakey look.


As scary as applying makeup in a dark room is, so is an unnaturally bright and florescent-lit room. While it may seem optimum to apply makeup in a little too brightly lit room, oftentimes, it can lead to the makeup landing a little heavy-handed, which can result in an unnatural look. Everything looks different depending on the light, so it's best to use natural light as much as possible. It is by far the most flattering light. If natural light isn’t an option, it is best to choose a warm white LED light, which most closely resembles the outside.


Too much foundation is never a good idea as it leads to your makeup looking cakey. In fact, applying foundation all over your face every time you apply makeup is not a necessity. Simply apply it to your cheeks, nose, and under-eye areas. The shade of your skin and the matte finish of the foundation also adds to the overall makeup look getting better. And never forget to blend properly. Make sure to apply it to your neck and ears as well. Otherwise, with a different face and neck color which is unflattering to your overall look. 


It is necessary for a foundation to blend well with the facial skin. The best way to ensure that is by shopping for a shade that blends well. Rihanna's FENTY was the first makeup line to bring in the maximum number of shades for all skin tones. With other brands catching up soon, it has become easier to shop for foundations and blend it with our Indian wheatish to brown tones. 


When you swipe your mascara wand, do you apply the same amount on your bottom lashes as your top? If so, maybe take it easier on the lower set, a heavy application can result in wrinkles below your eyes getting highlighted. No matter how small those wrinkles are, thick mascara will make them stand out. So the best way to go about it is to apply just one coat of mascara and you are done! 


Using intense dark colors to enlarge and highlight your eyebrows can make your face look unkempt and age-worn. The best way to get those gorgeous Cara Delevingne brows is to use colors a tone lighter than your natural eyebrow color and then filling them in. So even if the application accidentally ends up a little heavy-handed, it blends in well with the rest of the look. 


While the '70s idea of blush maybe a little too much for us, these days, blush is often left out of the routine. However, a blush can instantly make you look younger, since its purpose is to mimic a youthful flush. The best way to select a blush is to choose a natural rosy color that most closely resembles your actual flushed cheeks.  It is best to stay away from blushes that are too bright, too shimmery, or too powdery. And the golden rule of makeup - blend well, is a must. 


While people blend exceptionally well on their face, oftentimes, people forget to blend the makeup on their face with their neck. This can lead to a difference in colour between the face and the neck, which does not look good. The best way to combat this issue is to blend, blend, blend away! A makeup sponge, brush or just your fingertips (wash those hands before touching your face!) blending your makeup is a must. 


Beauty products like brushes and blenders are essential to get that even matte tone to look gorgeous. However, we often get lazy about cleaning them up. That laziness, ladies, gents, and non-binary pals, is a no-go. You have to wash those brushes out because otherwise, it can lead to the colour coming off incorrectly while applying. And a series of pimples! 

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