Winnie Harlow ventures into the beauty biz with her SPF skincare line 'Cay Skin'


Lately, the celebrity beauty market has seen a surge of entrants with the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, Hailey Bieber, Jennifer Anniston, Scarlett Johansson, amongst many others. Now, joining the bandwagon is supermodel Winnie Harlow with her newly launched skincare line.

Called Cay Skin, Harlow’s brand has been two and a half years into the making and is focused on the SPF skincare range. A combination of factors like hot Caribbean summers, living with skin condition vitiligo and a sunburn mishap in 2018 that left her needing medical attention is what birthed the idea of the supermodel’s skincare range. “Sunscreen and skincare have always had such a strong force in my life,” said Harlow, as reported by Elle.

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The four-product range consists of The Isle Body Oil SPF 30, Universal Mineral Face Lotion, Isle Glow Face Lotion and an Isle Lip Balm and caters to all skin types. These products also include ingredients like sea moss and hydrating tropical plant nectar, tracing back to the model’s Jamaican roots. With representation being the DNA of the line, the product packaging features tan and cream colours, a personal nod to Harlow's skin, and people on all ends of the complexion spectrum.

Available online since March 1, Cay Skin would soon be exclusively available at Sephora in April.

(Source- Elle, Instagram@Cay Skin)