Best of 2020: The idea of the country is changing, the only way to talk about is through your art- Nakuul Mehta


Nakuul Mehta definitely didn't have a boring lockdown! The actor will embrace parenthood next year as his wife Jankee Parekh Mehta is pregnant with their first child. Now, as Nakuul is a few months away from welcoming his baby, he walked down memory lane and spoke about how the COVID-19 lockdown affected him. Nakuul sat down for an interview with PeepingMoon where he shared his learnings during the pandemic. 

"One thing which I definitely learned this year was to not take yourself seriously. The entire circus which happened after Sushant (Singh Rajput) passed away affected all of us - we outsiders come to this industry with similar ambitions and dreams, to do honest work. And something like that happens and it shakes you up. But the aftermath was even more shocking," Nakuul told.

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Nakuul shared the idea behind his Poems For Democracy. "For the last few years, the idea of the country is changing, and it's disturbing. As a citizen and an artist. And the only way to talk about is through your art. I don't want to go out and rant about it on social media. We are artist. Can put out feelings in words, poems, without taking names but have a dialogue," Nakuul shared.