PeepingMoon Best Of 2021: 83 is a film blessed by the Gods of cricket- Director Kabir Khan


38 years after Team India’s iconic World Cup victory at the Lord’s, filmmaker Kabir Khan brought the moment to life once again in his critically acclaimed biopic titled 83. Headlined by Ranveer Singh, the film successfully managed to convert theatres into stadiums and acted like a balm that soothed the hearts of the audience amid tough times. Indeed, 2021 cannot be completed without Kabir and his team of 83, who gave Bollywood possibly its best sports drama. In PeepingMoon’s Best Of 2021 Episode 3, the director, in conversation with our Managing Editor Ankita Bhalla, opens the ground to field questions related to making a 'tough' film like 83, receiving support from the real-life champions, making the audience feel every sentiment, the overwhelming response and being hailed as the scene-stealer!