BB 11: Jan 4 - Housemates win back the prize money worth Rs 50 lacs!


Hence proved there is only one mastermind in the house and that is Bigg Boss himself. Just when Puneesh and Luv thought they have made it to the finale and can finally take a back seat in the game, Bigg Boss announced the big twist and made Puneesh and Luv miss the bus.

Here’s all that unfolded in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss.

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As the ticket to the finale is in last leg Shilpa, Luv and Puneesh are booted outside the room where their bags are kept. Shilpa and Vikas seemed to be back to the feeling of having bad blood amongst one another. Shilpa talks to Puneesh and Luv about how Vikas warned him into coming back to the industry again. Akash backbites about the same to Vikas in a manner and Vikas says that Shilpa is a big liar who blows things out of proportion to gain sympathy.

As the buzzer goes, Shilpa carries Luv’s bag, Hina carries Puneesh’s bag and vice versa and Luv carries Puneesh’s bag. Luv empties Hina’s bag and she is out for the race.

Hina tells Shilpa that saving someone’s bag is not difficult just like she saved hers Shilpa also could have done the same. Hina, and Vikas gossip about Shilpa, Luv and Puneesh. The siren rings and Puneesh help Luv to empty Shilpa’s bag, while Shilpa struggles to empty Puneesh’s bag. At the end, as Shilpa’s bag weighs less, she is out of the finale race.

Bigg Boss announces that Luv and Puneesh enter the finale. Shilpa, is very upset and she has a moment alone and then she sleeps on the shelf and Hina freaks out seeing her like this. She goes and tells this to Akash and Puneesh. They think she is doing this for the attention.

Vikas is not feeling well and Akash tells him that he should have wished Puneesh and Luv for their victory. Puneesh thinks Vikas is selfish and Shilpa agrees with him. Puneesh makes fun of Akash's dressing. The housemates wake up to the song, “ek rastaa do rahi”, and housemates guess it’s related to the upcoming task, as they also see the house turned into a museum.

Puneesh, Luv, and Shipa talk about things in general. Puneesh says that Akash is like Ramu Kaka, the servant who backbites everyone. Hina announces the museum task. The contestants become guards of the museum and Luv and Puneesh turn into thieves. The items in the house are placed at different values and some of the artifacts are placed at the value of Rs 25 lacs. The guards will be saving these items specifically in other to gain their lost prize money and Puneesh and Luv will have to steal artifacts that are worth Rs 12.5 lacs in order to win the ticket the o finale. The rule is simple, none of the guards will allow them to steal and broken items will not be considered. Luv and Puneesh will juggle to be the thief.

Tension in the house starts to surface even before the game begins as Hina and Akash get into a heated argument. Akash makes fun of Hina and her make-up. Hina makes fun of Akash and he says that she is getting frustrated. Shilpa advises Puneesh and Luv to hit off with steel artifacts. This instigates Puneesh and he blasts her and this makes Shilpa cry. Puneesh feels bad, and he gets a flower to cheer her up. They make up and Puneesh confides in Akash how terrible he feels and how Shilpa has always been so supportive of him.

As the buzzer goes, Puneesh tries to get his hands on the artifacts but terribly misses it all the time. Shilpa tells Puneesh to learn from the past mistakes wherein they lost the task only because of the divide they created among commoners and celebrities. She confesses to Puneesh and makes him explain that since the time she stepped into the house she has never considered herself as a celebrity and Puneesh as a commoner. Puneesh agrees with her and tells Vikas that he glad he realized his mistake and made it to her. Akash starts shouting hearing this and sings no rhymes and calls it farce. Bigg Boss announces that since Puneeshs’ efforts have not worked the prize money had gone from zero to 25 lacs.

Next is Luv’s turn and he too tries to steal the artifacts. Vikas warns Luv that he is still following the divide of commoners and celebrities to which Puneesh objects by saying that they are all equal at this stage in the game. Luv too fails to steal anything from the museum as the guards put up a  tough fight. Now since Luv has failed the prize money is back to Rs 50 lacs. Puneesh says that Shilpa’s friendship is more important to him than any task. Bigg Boss announces the victory of the guards, and also informs that since Puneesh and Luv were unsuccessful with the task they lose their ticket to the finale.

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