BB 11: Jan 5 - Nominated housemates step out to meet their fans


A week into the finale and the game is leaving no stone unturned in raising the bar of excitement. The housemates woke up to the song, “Main Nikla Gaddi Leke”. Hina and Luv are not on talking terms anymore. Shilpa and Puneesh try to talk sense to him and also try to play the emotional card by saying that he should talk to Hina as only one more week is left in the house. Luv refuses to budge on his decision.

Bigg Boss makes an announcement that the nominated contestants will be going to a mall and asking for votes. Shilpa, Hina and all get excited but Hina’s statement raises a stench of jealousy as she feels that since Shilpa is Maharashtrian she will have an upper hand. Vikas too joins in to make fun by saying that she will perform on “Zhinghat”. Shilpa tells Puneesh that she will converse in Marathi with the crowd. Akash and Hina once again argue as Akash accuses Hina of being unfair as the 'sanchalak' of the game and Hina gives it back to him. Shilpa thinks Hina overreacted and Puneesh predicts that chances of Hina getting evicted are higher.


Vikas then announces a debate on Bigg Boss’ instructions and the contestants will have to defend themselves against the accusations put by the housemates. Hina is on the radar of the housemates today as Vikas says that Hina is most of the times in her own “La La Land”, and only comes out of it for the task. Luv accuses Hina of compromising on the rules of the house to save Puneesh in the Mountain task. Hina tries to justify her actions and Luv makes funny faces. Puneesh says that Hina cannot listen to anything bad about herself.

Akash, Puneesh, and Vikas discuss Hina in general while sitting in the garden area. Vikas tells Luv that he reacts to smallest things and Shilpa and Hina back his observation. Luv says he is confident and not overconfident. Hina says that she will prefer to lose to the best than win against the worst. Puneesh and Akash think that Luv picked on them. Hina breaks down in the living area as she is hurbyth Luv’s behavior. Vikas consoles Hina and tells her that Luv is mean and he can never return favors.

Vikas once again tries to tell Luv that he should not burn bridges with Hina, but Luv says that she had a big ego and will never apologise. The debate resumes and Hina asks Vikas why has he become less entertaining after all his friends getting evicted. Puneesh accuses Vikas of taking defeats in the task very personally and Luv asks him why he believes that he will win every task. Vikas answers Luv by saying that he is an opportunist who never believes in returning favours.

Next is Shilpa and Vikas asks her the reason for not being active in task and to that Shilpa replies that she is playing individually. Hina asks Shilpa that she is in the kitchen most of the times.

Others in the house keep accusing Shilpa of a lot things and Shilpa says that she glad to take a revenge from Vikas in an entertaining way. Shilpa then talks to Puneesh about Hina and her accusations that she spends time in the kitchen. Puneesh who is growing close to Shilpa these days decides to never talk to Hina again.

Bigg Boss then calls the evicted contestants outside via the main door. Puneesh and Akash thank their stars that they are safe and in top five.

While Puneesh and Akash sleep and have a relaxed time in the jacuzzi inside the house, outside Hina, Shilpa and others are overwhelmed with their fans showing up to catch their glimpse. The fans chant their names but soon as the crowd is unmanageable, the contestants are frisked away to avoid any untoward incident. The fans cast their vote in the ballot box that the contestants carried with them in the mall. Akash and Puneesh talk about making the team jealous by saying that Bigg Boss treated them with pizza.

Vikas and others enter the house and Vikas can’t stop gushing about the love they received in the mall. Akash and Puneesh feel blessed that they are tasting so much popularity because of the game. Luv tells Akash and Puneesh about Shilpa’s popularity and how fans were going bonkers over her. He predicts that she will defiantly win the game. Shilpa enacts the way Hina was behaving in the mall and makes fun of her by saying she has yellow teeth and puts layers and layers of make up and looks like a vamp. Bigg Boss calls all the nominated contestants in the confession room. Bigg Boss instructs them to carry their ballot box to the living room. Bigg Boss also tell them to open it only when he instructs them to do it. Contestants are excited and nervous at the same time. Puneesh once again predicts that it’s too early for Vikas to go.

Who has gotten maximum votes and who is put in his/her place? Read this space to know.