BB 11 - Jan 6 - is it the Last Weekend ka Vaar on Bigg Boss 11? Here's why...


This was the last Weekend ka Varr and Salman gives us a powerful show.

Salman enters the stage and welcomes the audience with his typical swag and announces that this is the last weekend ka vaar and next week will be the finale. He didn’t seem to be happy about Puneesh and Akash being a part of the semifinals. Salman then gives the audience a tour of what happened at the mall.

He shows the part when the housemates enacted each other. Akash played Vikas, Shilpa played Hina and vice versa, Vikas played Akash and Puneesh played Luv. Luv pokes fun at Puneesh for loosing his cool and Shilpa sheds tears like Hina does and the audience are in spilts.

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Salman then explains that the task will be judged by Rani Mukerji who will be entering the house. Rani gets into the house and greets the housemates. She then gives them a task in which the contestants have to speak on a given topic. The task starts with Puneesh and Rani asks him to talk about Hina's and Luv’s friendship. Shilpa is asked to talk about Hina; and Hina is asked to talk about Shilpa which is the game changer.

Rani says that it’s very difficult for anyone to not make mistake and be perfect. Shilpa pokes fun at Hina on this one. Vikas makes fun of Akash and Akash wears a wig to entertain but his antics fail. Luv imitates Puneesh and gets into his lover boy shoes. He goes on to say that he is most popular commoner of the house.

Vikas and Akash manage to impress Rani with their acting skills and get an applaud from her. Rani then asks housemates to name one contestant whose journey gave them “Hichki” a.k.a hiccup. While Akash takes Shilpa’s name, Shilpa takes Akash's name in return.

Rani, later on, says goodbye to the housemates.

After Rani makes an exit Vikas and Hina gossip about her saying that women are not meant for bigger things.

Salman again meets the housemates and takes a dig at Akash by saying that he has emerged as one of the most irritating contestants in the house. Salman then taunts him that he should be taking it as a compliment that nobody likes him in the house. He also warns him that if he does all these things outside the house chances are high that he will be beaten up.

Finally, Salman addresses one of the biggest mistakes made by the celebs this week. He expresses his anger over Akash and Puneesh being in the top position. Salman asks Shilpa to reason out why she felt that Akash is the biggest entertainer. Shilpa says that she is done fighting with Akash.

Vikas throws light on how Hina and Shilpa gave up to the commoners in the task. Shilpa defends by saying that Akash and Puneesh as commoners have worked harder than the celebrities to reach here. Salman blatantly says that fans are upset with this move by the celebs who took a brash decision like this to just avoid Akash’s rage.

Salman then asks Vikas to rank the contestants. Vikas places Shilpa on the top, Hina second and himself on third. He places Luv on fourth, Akash on fifth and Puneesh on sixth. Hina agrees with this arrangement and Shilpa makes a change by placing Akash on the sixth. Puneesh too brings down Akash in the list.

Salman takes a break from the housemates and Akash recalls the reality check Salman gave him. Shilpa and Puneesh also discuss Akash’s rude behaviour. Shilpa tells Puneesh about the displeasure people expressed in the mall against him.

Rani joins Salman on the stage to promote “Hichki” and the two praise each other. They even take a walk down the memory lane adn the two later play a game. Rani then bids adieu to Salman.

Salman again enters the house and builds suspense around the nominations. He then says that the name of the evicted constant will be announced tomorrow.

Salman then asks contestants to come to the task area one by one. They have to own up to the statements they have made in the game. Shilpa is the first. She calls Vikas an attention seeker and that Puneesh and Akash should stay away from Vikas and how Hina never accepts her mistake.

Next is Puneesh and Salman asks him if he feels that he is popular than Vikas and his thoughts regarding Hina Khan being a zero, and the fact that Shilpa does not keep her promise.

Next up is Hina, who feels that Vikas is the least deserving contestant, and is now tasting his own medicine. She accepts that Shilpa’s relationship was a hindrance for her to reach to the “ticket to finale”.

Vikas is the next to play the task and he is asked if he feels that Shilpa is a big liar to which Vikas denies. Salman then asks if he said that Shilpa is narrow-minded to which Vikas again says no.

Salman announces Hina and Shilpa to be the winner of the task and gives them a trophy.

Salman then takes a leave from the housemates. He comes on the stage and reminds everyone of the finale next week. He also reminds the audience of tomorrow’s eviction.

Shilpa, Hina, Luv or Vikas, who do you think will get#BiggBoss11 Daily Update: evicted and who will win the season?