BB11: Jan 7 - Salman shakes a leg with Team Aiyaary, Luv bids adieu


Finally, for the first time someone should be happy to see Luv going, no I am talking about Luv going from someone’s life, it’s Luv Tyagi getting evicted before the finale.

Salman welcomed the audience and promises that next week he will declare the winner. He talks about the ballot box that holds the fate of Hina, Shilpa, Vikas, and Luv. Salman also informs that at the end of the show there will be live voting and requests the audience to be a part of it.

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Salman then enters to see the housemates! He asks the contestants to tell one thing about they will miss. Hina says she will miss the peace, Shilpa says that she will miss Salman and Bigg Boss voice, Vikas says he will miss Akash and his antics.

Salman then asks what they will not miss. Shilpa says staying with Akshay. It’s time for the caller of the week, who questions Shilpa over her underperformance during the task and if she is getting overconfident. Shilpa replies by saying that since she is not a part of any group, and hence the cameras did not focus much on her this week.

Salman too asked Shilpa the same thing and Hina dived into the conversation by saying that Shilpa could have performed far better and Shilpa puts the blame on Hina by saying that she did not play like they had discussed. Puneesh backs up Shilpa by saying that Hina always backstabs in the task. Vikas who joins in the debate surprisingly speaks in support of Hina. Salman advises Shilpa to put trust in her fans but not take them for granted.

Salman comes back to the audience again and inside the house a serious discussion over the same topic between Hina, Vikas and Shilpa and Puneesh takes place. Shilpa tells Puneesh that the reason they are underlining the fact over and over again is that they want to put her in a bad light.

It’s time for the final for Sultani Akhada of the season. Akash and Puneesh are pitted against each other. Akash and Puneesh talk about why each one is more deserving to be in the game.

Later, Aiyaary star cast enters the house, and actor Sidharth Malhotra announces the task, in which the housemates are asked to sit on a gym ball and kick the football which has photos of the housemates on them. Luv and Shilpa make the first goal, Hina and Puneesh also manage to get out of the task, lastly Akash and Vikas who come to make the goal and finally with a bit of struggle manage to hit it.

Sid then explains the meaning of his movie’s title Aiyaari which means a man in disguise. Sid then asks the contestants to name the trickster of the show. Vikas names Shilpa and Shilpa introduces the team to Hina’s talent of dying in one minute.  As Manoj Bajpayee and Sid take a leave, they bestow Vikas with the title of the trickster.

The Aiyaari team joins Salman on the stage and have a lot of fun wherein Rakul Preet pulls out a Dabbang on Salman and Sid and Manoj give each other task to do. Sid asks Manoj to show his dancing skills by asking him a shake a leg on one of Mithoon Da’s song. While Manoj does that at the end, Salman, Sid and Manoj dance to "Lagale jab Lipstick”

In the end, the team requests audience to go and watch the movie on Republic day and Manoj recites a poem from his movie and everyone is left in awe of his precision. The team then takes leave from the show.

Salman again meets the housemates and asks them to count their votes after Puneesh has handed over their respective votes. The contestants and Puneesh are not supposed to reveal the no. of votes unless asked about it. As Puneesh sorts the ballot box, the contestants sort their votes and the nominated contestants start counting the votes. Salman re-enters the house asks the contestants to reveal their votes. Hina is the first to go, and she announces that she has got 464 votes, Shilpa gets more votes then Hina and that is 660, Luv gets 393 and Vikas gets 498 votes.

Salman announces that Luv is evicted on basis of the votes. Luv says his final bye to everyone and Hina and Luv also have a final hug and share a few moments before he makes his final exit. Salman the once again comes back to the house and addresses about the commoner and celebrity divide. Puneesh reveals his feelings and apologizes. He confesses that he was scared of being pitted against celebs.

Salman then tells the housemates that there will be live voting again but does not tell them for what. Housemates gather in the garden area and Bigg Boss tell them that the commoners and celebrities will defend each other in front of India who deserves to win the game and why. Puneesh represents commoners and Hina defends celebrities. While Puneesh’s speech gathers 55% and Hina gets 79%. Celebrities get the maximum votes and win the task. The celebrities win the task.

Salman bids adieu to the audience and expresses his gratitude for the support they have showered on the show and its contestants. He promises a power-packed finale on the 14th next week.

It’s the final week and we are sure to see a lot of twists and turns in the show. Who will fall into the trap and who will have a narrow escape?