BB11: Jan 8 - Media in the house, No end to Shilpa-Hina's kitchen politics


They underestimated her moves and strategy only because she was quiet at a lot of moments and because she spent half of her Bigg Boss days in the kitchen treating housemates with her culinary skills. No points for guessing, I am talking about Shilpa Shinde.The housemates never imagined in their wildest dreams that one day the same Shilpa will break the queue with these same moves and go ahead in the game.

The mall task and the live voting are a proof of her popularity. This has put the other housemates' plans into a tizzy and after tonight’s episode, it won’t be wrong to say that Akash, Hina, and Vikas are massively scared and threatened.

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Here’s all that happened in the house tonight-

Looks like Hina Khan is looking for excuses to malign Shilpa’s image. Hina and Vikas are suddenly finding Shilpa unhygienic and pick up a fight with her for the same. Shilpa too gives it back to them by saying that now she will not cook for them and only make food for her and Puneesh. Hina also complains about Shilpa's food. Looks like she forgot that she is BB house and not hotel. The fight for the food continues and Vikas and Hina gang up against Shilpa and Akash, who wants footage dives right into the fight. Hina says that Shilpa is now showing her true colors as the game is getting over.

After the fight, Shilpa is seen crying and talking to herself in the powder room. Puneesh consoles Shilpa. Vikas sees Shilpa crying and goes to Hina and tells her to not fight with Shilpa as she will leverage this to shed tears in front of the camera. Hina is in agony as she cannot cook and Shilpa has put her hands up and an irritated Hina says that since Shilpa knows that her fan base is cemented she will win the show 99%.

Bigg Boss shocks everyone by saying that all five of them are nominated for the week and the fate of the final four will be decided by the fans. Bigg Boss then calls the contestants to the activity area where they are greeted by a team of reporters. The journalist grill the contestants with their questions and Hina is the target, thanks to all her comments.

Puneesh is asked about how he feels reaching so far and he says that he feels ecstatic as he only expected it to last for a month. Hina comes under the radar of being “ghamandi”, .i.e pompous. She defends herself by saying that she does not feel the same and that has spent eight years in the industry and haven't got things decorated on a silver platter.

When Hina is accused of not stating to her words, Vikas has a moment of Eureka it seems and comes to her rescue and says that she is genuinely forgetful. He said that initially, they thought that she is lying but that’s not the case. Shilpa and Akash are questioned on their mother-son relationship and Akash says that he finds Shilpa very caring and Shilpa says that she never had any intention of getting this tag. Vikas says that Shilpa and he are only related professionally. Shilpa calls Vikas a good actor and he in return calls her a good writer. Shilpa says that she never was riding high on the fact that she is a celebrity and genuinely was unaware of her fan following and other things but it is when people like Hina started dominating her that she pulled out her card and played it.

Puneesh is questioned on 'him not maintaining the relationship' attitude and he blatantly says that it’s a game and everyone uses everyone. Hina is then questioned on her insecurity with Shilpa and to that she switches on her defense mode. Hina justifies that she is not at all jealous of Shilpa cooking for the whole house but she believes that she escapes the task by saying that she has to cook.

Vikas jumps in by saying that she only cooks and never cleans anything else. He adds the everyone else too has their share of household duties but they also participate in the task. Shilpa brings up the unhygienic taunt and Puneesh comes to Shilpa’s recuse and says that she can do anything in her personal space.

Hina is then questioned on her farce girl power attitude and she defends by saying that not just she but even Shilpa faltered on those grounds as she never spoke against the taunts that were made on Bandgi’s character and Arshi being body shamed.

As the press conference is over, Shilpa thanks Puneesh for his support. On the other hand, Vikas and Akash discuss how she cried in the press conference. Shilpa talks to Bigg Boss about how difficult her stay is becoming. Vikas tells Akash that Shilpa manipulates the information being passed on as she says something else to the person behind his/her back and says the opposite of it to the other.

Shilpa and Puneesh are talking and she explains Puneesh how difficult it is to stand in the kitchen for hours cooking. She even shows Puneesh her cuts, bruises and burns and Puneesh sympathizes with her. Shilpa breaks down once again and Akash sees this. He runs to Vikas and Hina and replays the whole thing in front of them. An insecure Hina praises her opponents move and says “I have to hand it to her ingenuity”.

The preview hinted at Arshi coming back to the house, is she there just for a day or this week? Keep reading this space for more.