BB 11: Jan 9 - Mirror on the wall, who is the meanest of them all!!!


In an interesting turn of events Arshi Khan, entered the Bigg Boss 11 house and announced an exciting task, in which housemates are given the license to be mean to the others. Will they be able to match up with each other when they are actually supposed to be mean?

Here’s all that unfolded on the show tonight:-

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Shilpa and Akash talk it out, and Akash apologizes to Shilpa for his behavior. He tells her that, sometimes people are mostly mean to someone they love a lot. Shilpa says that she does not expect a sorry from him as he is too younger to her and let the bygones be bygones.

Hina and Vikas talk about Shilpa. Hina tells that Vikas has earned the tag of mastermind. Vikas asks Hina to tell him who performed better in the task, him or Shilpa? They also make fun by assuming that of Shilpa wins it’s they who have won the prize money for her. Hina also blames the Indian mentality, to support Shilpa only because they think she is perfect as she is in the kitchen.

The next morning housemates wake up to the song “Chikni Chameli”. Akash hugs Shilpa, and this does not go down well with her. Shilpa asks Puneesh to ask Akash to stay away from her. A huge drama takes place over the issue. Akash retaliates to Shilpa by saying that of the hug is what made her so uncomfortable then why did she hit him on his butt. Shilpa threatens to slap Akash and Vikas, Hina and Puneesh try to calm down the situation. Akash accuses Shilpa of sexually molesting him.

A broken Shilpa who is now feeling left out sits in the powder room and laments over the chameleon that people bring out in the game.

Vikas and Puneesh find the ballot box from the public voting in the living room. They find Luv’s box and decide to count his votes. What comes next is a shocker. Luv said that he had got 393 votes but he actually got only 293 votes. He basically bluffed everybody. Puneesh and Akash announce this to the others and they too are shocked that he lied.

Bigg Boss then calls the contestants to the living area and asks them to mutually decide on one of the meanest contestants of the game. The housemates amicably vote for Akash. While they all chilling, the song “Rashqe Qamar” plays and they see Arshi Khan in the house. Vikas is very happy and Hina and Vikas hug each other and all of them give a grand welcome to the queen of controversies. Bigg Boss, announces that Arshi will be the “sanchalak” of the next task.

Arshi sits on the dining and Arshi and Shilpa hug it out. Shilpa and Arshi go down the memory lane and Shilpa wears the bracket Arshi once have her. Was Hina feeling threatened by this, as he knew that Bigg Boss sent Arshi with some power!

As Arshi settles down in the house, Hina complains to Arshi about Shilpa's hygiene. She also narrates how Shilpa made a mountain of a molehill out of Akash’s hug in the morning.

Hina is happy that Arshi is in the house as she feels that now at least she can cook for her. She taunts Arshi for the food purposely in front of Shilpa and makes herself hear loud and clear. Shilpa feels hurt about it and they argue. Shilpa gives it back to Hina by saying that she feels that Shilpa is overconfident and yet Hina claims that she will win the show.

Vikas announces the task. Bigg Boss will send a picture of a contestant on the buzzer. The housemates have to plan mean things against the same person individually. The contestants will convince Arshi and the contestants with the meanest idea will be given a chance to do the task.

Puneesh tells Shilpa that Arshi is the apt person to judge a task that involves being mean. The task begins and Shilpa’s photo comes first. Housemates plan their moves. While Puneesh plans to destroy Shilpa’s footwear, Vikas makes fun of her constipation and wants to destroy her medicine. Hina talks to the camera that she cannot be mean to anyone (laughed, rolling my eyes). Hina comes up with the idea of destroying Shilpa’s socks and Akash as usual talks senseless and plus to destroy her Vick’s vapor rub. Arshi gives the chance to Puneesh. Puneesh threatens but Shilpa manages to convince him to not destroy her footwear and Puneesh backs out of the task.

Arshi talks to Shilpa about she forgiving Akash and not her. Shilpa explains by saying that her reason to forgive Akash was that he is a fool, whereas, Arshi is smart. She also tells Arshi that she wanted to show Akash, what it means to be janus faced and how it feels when someone breaks your heart.

The next contestant is Vikas. Shilpa plans to put his clothes in color buckets, Puneesh wants to destroy his snoopy shoes, Hina wants to destroy his bracelet and Akash leaves the wish on Shilpa.

Arshi grants the permission to Shilpa as she loved her idea. Arshi picks up Vikas’ clothes and Vikas tells her to spare a hoodie as it is a gift. Shilpa refuses to budge and takes his clothes to the task area to dip them in a basket of colors. Vikas follows her and then manages to convince her to not destroy his hoodie. Shilpa returns all his clothes and Vikas says that he knew that Shilpa will never do it.

That very moment, Vikas tells Hina how he played his masterstroke by saying that he lied to her about the hoodie and his intentions was to show people that she does not at tasks seriously.

Shilpa, on the other hand, discusses with Puneesh that no matter what she will want  Akash’s photo on the mean frame and says that being mean won’t take much but replacing Akash on the frame, is something she will not do. Puneesh feels that Hina can replace Akash on the frame.

The task gets over for the day, and Arshi and Akash lie down in the same bed and Akash narrates how he gave it back to Shilpa.

The preview hints at the last nomination of the season! Arshi has the power to change the game. Considering her capability of vengeance and how the housemates are brainwashing her against Shilpa Shinde as they are threatened by her popularity, will Arshi make a fair decision? If not the celebs, then who do you think, Arshi will choose from the commoners? Will Akash or Puneesh’s dream of being the top three end tomorrow?

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