BB 11: Jan 10 - Akash Dadlani out of the finale race!


We expected this, more twists and turns just when days of the contestants are numbered in the house.

As we know that evicted contestant Arshi Khan entered the house yesterday and she has been assigned a task to look for the meanest person in the house. Finally, Akash Dadlani is out of the finale race.

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The contestants wake up to the song “Halkat Jawani”. Akash asks Arshi to ask Shilpa to take back the allegation she has put on him. Puneesh informs Shilpa about Akash giving massage to Arshi last night and asking her to kiss him on his lips. Akash explains Shilpa what happened last night. Arshi asked Shilpa the reason why she is upset with Akash. Puneesh warns Akash to keep shut or he will have a molestation case against him. Vikas and Puneesh discuss how Shilpa is also to an extent responsible for encouraging Akash’s behavior.

Shilpa and Arshi talk about Akash and Vikas goes and tells this to Hina. Hina says that Shilpa is so overconfident that she feels that if she is out of the show, the TRP’s would drop. Akash justifies to Shilpa about his intentions and says he just wanted to make her smile.

The task continues and housemates need to be mean with Akash. Hina tells Arshi that she will destroy his artificial jewelry, Vikas says he will burn his hoodies and spray things in his head. Puneesh wants to destroy Akash’s towel and Shilpa wants to slap him. Shilpa wants to put Akash’s shoes in colored water.

Arshi approves Vikas’s idea, he dips Akash’s shoes in the water and since Bigg Boss did not allow Vikas to use spray on Akash he bathed him with green slime. Vikas’ picture goes up on the mean board and now it’s Hina’s turn. She gets worried as she knows that everyone will be taking out their revenge.

Akash wants to cut Hina’s heating pad, Puneesh wants to destroy Hina’s night suit, Shilpa says she will break the SherKhan mug that her beau Rocky gifted her, Vikas says he will dip Hina’s favorite bathrobe in red color. Arshi approves Shilpa’s idea and color runs off Hina’s face. Hina hits the emotional quotient and tries to convince her to not break the cup. Shilpa refuses to budge and breaks the cup. Hina breaks down. Shilpa is proud of herself and pats her own back. Shilpa says that this is her answer to people who accessed her of running away from the task. Hina collects the pieces of the cup in the bag and they get into a fight.

Shilpa discusses with Puneesh that the task made her feel good as if the negative and the built-up energy seems to have gone. Hina is still crying over the cup and Vikas tries to cheer her up by saying that in a couple of days Sher Khan will meet Mowgli.

It’s Puneesh’s turn now and Hina says she will dip his jacket in the color water, Vikas wants to wax Puneesh’s whole body, Shilpa wants to destroy his favorite shoes, Akash wants to destroy his robe.

Arshi approves Vikas’ idea. Arshi is happy to see Puneesh getting waxed as she feels his sins will also get waxed with it. Vikas starts waxing Puneesh’s body and Shilpa tries to interrupt and Vikas asks her to keep quiet. Vikas manages to wax Puneesh’s chest and once again his picture goes on the mean frame. Bigg Boss asks Arshi to bid adieu to the housemates and they bid her a teary eye goodbye.

Puneesh tells Shilpa that Vikas was really mean and Shilpa expresses that she felt Arshi was biased towards Hina and Vikas. Just when the housemates are in this slumber, Bigg Boss wakes them up. Akash wakes everyone up and tells them it’s time for eviction. The housemates stand in the garden area. Bigg Boss burns Shilpa, Hina and Vikas’s frame and Akash and Puneesh get tensed.

Bigg Boss gives Akash and Puneesh one last chance to speak to everyone. Akash apologizes to everyone for being rude. Puneesh also says that he loves everyone and will miss them. Akash and Puneesh hug each other.

Bigg Boss then announces that Akash has the least no. Of votes and he is evicted from the finale race. Akash and Shilpa bid a teary goodbye to each other and the housemates hum his famous rap.  Shilpa goes to the washroom and breaks down. Bigg Boss congratulates Shilpa, Hina, Vikas, and Puneesh to enter the finale.