BB11: Jan 11 - Vikas turns dictator in “Vikas City”


As the finale is drawing closer, each one in the house is trying their level best to be seen. A special task assigned to Vikas Gupta which has not gone down well with Hina Khan.

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Here’s a low down on tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss:

The housemates wake to the song “Gupt Gupt”. Hina shows off her break dance skills. Vikas talks to Puneesh and Shilpa about the way the strategies and planning that went into the game through the season.

Bigg Boss announces the last task of the season. Hina reads out the task. Bigg Boss turned Vikas into a dictator and the task is called “Vikas City”. Vikas will be ordering the remaining contestants around. The contestants have an option of saying no, but by doing so, they will land up giving Vikas 3 lac each and the money will be deducted from the prize money. Hina, Puneesh, and Shilpa think that this will bring out the meanest side of Vikas.

Vikas dawns the dictator suit and orders Hina to put his clothes in the suitcase. He asks Puneesh to go bald and Puneesh goes mad and refuses. Vikas then orders Shilpa to make basundi and Shilpa finds him unreasonable and presses the buzzer.

In the next round Vikas asks Hina and Shilpa to hug each other, they abide by his command and Vikas then orders that Hina and Shilpa should hug each other every ten minutes. Hina makes the most of it and on the lighter note she runs to hug Shilpa and calls her “Didi”. Hina then tells Vikas that she has started chumming and won’t be able to actively participate. Vikas asks her to prove it and she gets angry and they break into an argument.

Vikas then orders Hina and Shilpa to wear a saree. While Hina refuses, Shilpa wraps a beautiful orange saree and looks pretty. She lovingly calls them “Aaiyash log” as she is making basundi. Shilpa also treats the housemates and viewers with a glimpse of her popular character “Angoori Bhabhi”.

In the next round, Vikas orders all the housemates to maintain silence.  Hina keeps poking Vikas and at one such moment, he warns her to leave the task midway. Hina keeps apologizing but Vikas refuses to hear her and calls her the biggest liar in the house and he then asks her to hit the buzzer.

Vikas and Shilpa get a bit lovie-dovie as Vikas asks her to feed the basundi from her hands. Shilpa teasingly asks Vikas of she should show some love to him. Vikas says no as her love is too wild. Puneesh excuses himself from the conversation by saying that the lovebirds should be left alone.

Hina speaks to herself in the bedroom and calls Vikas a bad person. Shilpa overhears her and goes and says this to Vikas. Vikas appreciates her strategies in the game. Puneesh compares Hina to ex-contestant Gautam Gulati. Shilpa once again gets into her Bhabiji character and Hina is alone in the bedroom and says that already Vikas has lost the hold over the task.

Vikas and Hina come face to face in the confession room. Vikas accuses Hina of playing dirty in the game. Hina keeps telling him that it was a joke but Vikas refuses to believe her. Vikas behaves stubbornly by saying that he will quit the task. Hina tries to convince Vikas but he acts too adamant. Shilpa suggests Vikas to ask Hina to throw all their make up in the pool and Vikas disagrees. Hina keeps trying to ask Vikas to do the task. As Vikas stick to his plan of not participating, Hina calls Vikas a “quitter”  and a loser.

Vikas talks to Shilpa and Puneesh, Hina appears from nowhere and gets into an argument. Hina gets upset with Puneesh and tries explains Vikas that her intentions were not to make Vikas look bad but, Vikas is unable to take it and he screams at Hina and asks her to get lost.

Shilpa tells Puneesh that Hina is suffering from an inferiority complex as Vikas was the one to get the special task. Puneesh says that he does not want to stay in touch with Hina post the show. Bigg Boss announces that the task is over for the day. Hina is sitting alone in the bedroom and Vikas walks up to her and asks her to sit with them.

As Vikas tries to reason it out with Hina, she just keeps arguing with him. Puneesh and Shilpa discuss Hina’s attitude problem. Puneesh calls Hina “Mohalle ki Aunty”. They laugh at the comment. Shilpa tells Puneesh that Hina faked her illness as she did it want to cook.

Despite Hina’s rude behavior, Vikas tries to be good to her and gets her a glass of water. He tells Hina that he does not want to stress her as she is not keeping well. Hina is still hung up on the fight and tells him that he will anyways win the show as he has got more votes and that he also has got the task.

Will Vikas get the money? Who will be I’m the top three? Will Puneesh be the commoner to reach the top three? Which celeb has a chance to lose to Puneesh? Keep reading this space for more.