BB11: Jan 12 - Equations in the house have changed a day before finale!


Equations in the house change in a jiffy and a day before the finale, contestants slog it out in the “Vikas city” task.

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Here’s all that unfolded a day before finale in the house:-

The housemates wake up to the song “Baadshah o Baadshah”. The “Vikas City" task is still on. Shilpa and Vikas plan to eliminate Hina out of the game. Vikas asks Shilpa to press the buzzer without Hina’s knowledge and Shilpa tells him that Hina is very smart and that she will come to know. Shilpa also feels that Hina is faking her illness, either to get more cameras or just to make an excuse to not work.

Puneesh gets irritated with Hina as she making a weird noise while chewing her food. He goes and says that to Shilpa and they taunt on how she pretends to be all stylish and classy. Puneesh says he never wants to talk to Hina and Shilpa agrees with his viewpoint. Meanwhile planning the task ahead Vikas tells Shilpa that he will ask them to step on family photos to which Shilpa replies that she wouldn’t do buy since Hina is a crack, she might.

The task begins and Vikas asks Shilpa to feed him papaya, he asks Hina to change in a blue saree. Shilpa and Vikas go down the memory lane of how Shilpa uses to tow Vikas’ line and is still doing the same. Shilpa secretly presses the buzzer and pretends to be a part of the task.

Vikas tells Puneesh his plan for the game and then collects the personal belongings of the contestants and puts them on a lawn. He does a fun task by blindfolding Shilpa and Hina and asks Hina to first point out why she likes Shilpa and then why she dislikes her.

When Shilpa’s turns come she points out how Hina overreacts to situations unnecessarily and how she pretends that she doesn’t know how to cook to avoid the duty being assigned to her.

Vikas then makes Hina empty her coffee in a trash can and Hina realizes that it’s not her coffee. Hina says that she aware of Vikas’ intention of making her look bad and hence will not let him win. Vikas asks Hina to break his bracket and Hina says she will. While Hina pretends to break the bracelet Vikas asks her to tear a family picture from her feet. She pretends that she is tearing the picture but moves into another pic and tells Vikas that she is trying. Vikas warns her that she is not trying and asks her to follow his orders and break the bracelet and then tear the family picture.

Hina tells Puneesh that Vikas is not following the guidelines of the game. Shilpa says that Hina will do anything for the task. She even calls Hina aunty and says that she is sent to the house after Khatron Ke Khiladi and that she is disgusted with Hina.

Puneesh and Hina are upset with Vikas for getting the family photo and Hina says it is mean to ask her to step into the picture of mom. Puneesh says that there is no point in Vikas earning the money as he has lost respect. Shilpa tries to justify Vikas’ plan to Puneesh by saying that it was his mastermind and that Hina shouldn’t have stepped on it. Puneesh discusses with Hina how Shilpa does not think that Vikas’ plan was not bad. Hina cries alone in the bathroom and says that Vikas planned all this in the night to make her look bad. Shilpa calls Hina “kamchor”.

In further discussion of the task, Hina says that she should have pressed the buzzer and taunts Shilpa and Vikas. The conversation sees the four divided into two teams. On one hand, it’s Shilpa and Vikas and Hina fights with them. While Vikas tells Shilpa that he shouldn’t have done that and the move went horribly wrong on the camera, Shilpa consoles him by saying that Hina is a fool to step on it.

On the other hand, surprisingly Puneesh sides with Hina and says that Vikas forced her to do so by putting the pic under her feet. Hina thanks Puneesh for his understanding. Hina also says that she never forget that Vikas made her cry on the last day in the house. Puneesh feels that Vikas has played a very bad game today.

Shilpa and Vikas discuss how Puneesh has changed sides so quickly and how will that portrait his image as on TV. Hina and Puneesh also discuss Shilpa and Vikas, how they have become friends and Puneesh calls Shilpa heartless. Hina says that she got worried when Shilpa broke the cup.

As Hina is cooking, Vikas informs about her attempt in the kitchen to Shilpa and she again repeats that Hina pretended. While Hina eats the burnt roti and sabzi she announces it loud how she burnt her food as she does not know how to cook. Vikas is surprised with the perfect round chapatis that Hina managed to roll despite that she does not know to cook. Bigg Boss announces that the task is over and Vikas has won 6 lacs which will be deducted from the prize money.

The housemates get emotional and look and every nook and corner of the house. Shilpa and Vikas get emotional by thinking that it’s their last day in the house. Hina says that she can not believe she participated in Bigg Boss. Hina sings “Yaad aayenge ye pal” while Vikas and Shilpa talk about the celebrations in the house and how it will be different to celebrate the same outside. Puneesh and Hina sit near the jail area and Hina sings “Tera yahan koi nahi”.

While contestants gear up for the finale, we are sure that the battle between the three, Hina, Vikas and Shilpa will be tough one. All we can say is let the best man win. We certainly know that though Hina is in the top three she is not the best.