Bigg Boss 12 Written Update Weekend Ka Vaar: Somi Khan’s Bigg Boss journey comes to an end


This was the second last week of the finale and anybody who manages to pull the stint so far wishes to be part of the top five, but, after all it’s a game and only the best survives. Unfortunately looks like the audience did not see Somi Khan worthy of being the top five. Off late everybody was painting Somi’s picture as that student in the class who is average in studies yet manages to get through the best things only because they were the teachers favourite. Deepak and gang sure must have had only good intentions in saving Somi for nominations most of the time but this surely did impact her impression to the audience. Not just this but in my opinion she constantly favouring Romil despite everyone’s warning and taking his side, too did not go paint an impressive picture. Also let’s not forget that, in comparison to the others who were nominated Somi was the weakest in terms of her popularity and her contribution to the game.
Somehow I always have had this feeling that Deepak might have saved Somi for his feelings towards her but, Romil’s initial interest in saving Somi was a very well planned move for this day. Had it not been Somi Khan, think of who had more chances of being nominated?
Here’s all that happened in the weekend ka vaar:
Yesterday Salman had left the audience with a preview of Team Simbaa entering the house. Ranveer and Sara entered the house dancing to their popular no. “Aankh maare” from Simbaa. Surbhi was elated to see Ranveer and had a fan moment. Sara and Ranveer played an interesting game wherein they gave the housemates two options of news and they had to guess which is true and which is false. The first one was Srishty making her Bollywood debut & Jasleen and Anup getting engaged. The housemates chose the first one to be true and were happy for Srishty. Second one was KJO meeting the PM and Bihar govt. deciding to honour Deepak with Bihar Ratana on coming republic day. Though everybody wished that the swims or comes true for Deepak at some point in his life, they voted for KJO meeting PM news to be true. The third one was Urvashi Vani calling Deepak her biggest enemy and Teejay writing another open letter. Most of the housemates voted for Urvashi’s news and Deepak couldn’t believe it.
Rohit Shetty joined Ranveer and Sara in the house and added more laughter to the evening. He asked Deepak to pose as a NRI who has come to India in search of a bride. The girls were asked to impress him. Dipika went in first then Surbhi and lastly Somi. Surprisingly, Deepak rejected Somi and chose Sara. The two danced to the song “Tere Bin Nahi Lagda”, Ranveer however stole his heroine back and Rohit and Deepak danced. KV and Sara also danced for a while.
Post this task, Rohit divided the house in two teams. Team Ranveer and Team Sara and said that they would be given a task and they had to dance to the song while performing the particular task. While Ranveer decided to pick all the girls, the boys were more than happy to be in Ranveer’s team. Rohit gave them funny situations like cleaning the Josue, facial dancing extra. At the end there was a tie between the two teams.
Rohit then said that Anil Kapoor too would be entering the house too. Housemates were excited and later they figured that Ranveer enacted as the actor. Ranveer playing Anil Kapoor has the audience and housemates in splits. Team Simbaa bid adieu to the housemates. KV twisted his leg while dancing and was hurt. Sree picked him up in his arms and carried him inside the house.
Salman entered the house and wished everyone Merry Christmas. He then called all the contestants for Sultani Akhada. The houses was divided in two teams. Team A had Deepak, Dipika and Sree and KV, Somi and Romil were in team B. Surbhi had the power to decide whose performance was impressive and give them points for the same. The first round was as usual a verbal dangal. Each team had to send one representative. Dipika na Romil went in first to say why they deserved being the game compared to their opponent. Surbhi gave a point to Romil this time. Next was a face off between Deepak and Somi. Surbhi gave a point to Deepak. The last was KV and Sree. Surbhi said she was not convinced with both but she gave a point to sree.
The next round was that off physical dangal and first Sree was decided to be pitted against Romil but later Deepak was sent in place of Sree. Looking at the way Deepak giving tough competition to Romil, the rest of the housemates were in spirits, especially Salman. Ultimately Deepak beat Romil and Sree’s team won the task. They were honored with a slime which added more laughter to the task.
Salman came out of the Akhada and invited Team Simbaa back with him on the stage. Rohit made fun of Ranveer and his elaborate wedding. Ranveer and team decided to make Salman’s marriage profile. Filling the details of his marriage profile tickled the funny bones of the audience. Next Rohit said that there would be a phone call task. They pretended that Dipika called Ranveer to ask if he had borrowed her lehnga without asking her. Ranveer took it sportingly and Salman taunted him for being a yess boss to his wife. The next phone call was for Salman and Bigg Boss asked him to renew his contract for next year. A witty Salman said “Bigg Boss ke chahane se kya hota hai.” Rohit and the audience broke into laughter. Salman put forward his conditions and signed the contract. The audience had a heart laugh and Team Simbaa bid them good bye.
Salman again entered the house and said that it was time for nominations. Creating the suspense he later revealed names of contestants who were safe this week. He said that Sree, KV and Deepak were safe. Salman asked the remaining three, Dipika, Somi and Romil to sit on the rotating chair and in the end who so ever does not come back during the rotation meant that, that they were evicted. Romil, Dipika and Somi took their seats. After a while housemates realised that Somi was missing. Somi got evicted from the show. Everyone was shocked. Surbhi was sad and Deepak was seen crying inconsolably.
Salman asked the remaining housemates KV, Dipika, Romil, Sree, Deepak and Surbhi to give their best this week, as this will be their is the last week in the house. With this Salman bid adieu to the housemates and audience.
Finally, the countdown for the finale has begun. In the preview we saw Bigg Boss giving secret task to the housemates. This led to more drama in the final days.
Dipika, Deepak, Sreesanth, Romil, Surbhi and Karanvir have secured their position in top six. Who do you think will be in the top five and then top three?