Bigg Boss 12 Written update Day 100: Gauahar Khan and Jasmine not impressed with housemates' hospitality; warn them to behave


The finale is drawing closer but differences between people are still going wider. Sree, Dipika, Surbhi and Romil have decided to keep their grudge against each other and refuse to let go and lend an olive branch.

Here’s all that happened in the house:

Romil became the first guest of the house today as the task from yesterday continued. Gauahar Khan entered the house with a piece of advice for the contestants and asked them to keep their focus on the game. She had quite interesting ideas for the housemates as she asked Deepak to make tea for her. Romil asked Sree to cross dress and wear Kajal. Sree asked Romil to give him time to think. Romil kept pestering Sree which lead to irk the cricketer. His old friend KV came out in his support and asked Romil to not push his agenda too hard.

Gauahar changed the tensed atmosphere of the house as she asked KV to strip and asked the housemates to write one positive thing about him on his bare body. Romil continued to poke Sree when Dipika said: “I Quit.” This further irked him and Sree got into an argument with Dipika. Surbhi said Dipika won’t be out of the game as she was ready to fulfil the demand from the guest. Gauhar then asked Sree to ask Dipika’s Nikaah’s dupatta and Shohaib’s jacket. Sree outright refused and Gauhar tried to convince him that it was just a task. Her request, however, fell on deaf ears. Romil entered the room and got into an argument with Sree. Surbhi asked Romil to leave the room and Deepak also slammed Romil to unnecessary provoke him. Sree called Surbhi a fake person again. Gauhar left the house with a bad taste in her mouth and voiced the same to them. She declared Surbhi as the winner of the task. Dipika got emotional at the end of the task.

Dipika became the second guest of the house. She asked Romil to shave off his beard to which he initially agreed and then refused. Dipika asked KV to get Deepak dressed as a woman. KV followed her orders. Aalisha entered the house and asked Deepak to prepare a song for her. Dipika asked Deepak to do it for both of them. Dipika created a song and Aalisha was impressed by his efforts. She declared him the winner.

Surbhi became the next guest and on contrary to her behaviour tried to bring some laughter to the house. She asked the contestants to laugh and they did. She then asked everyone to make Sree laugh as well and everyone made the effort. Surbhi asked Romil to make the noise of hen and he too abided by the orders.

Jasmine Bhasin is the next guest in the BB hotel. She asked Deepak to get water for her. As Deepak went to fetch a glass for her she stopped him and told him that he should ask whether she needs cold or room temperature. Jasmine then asked Deepak to change into shorts and get into the pool and sing a song for her. Jasmine asked Dipika to make green tea for her. She then ordered Romil but fresh watermelon for her and Surbhi.

Deepak was set to get into the pool wearing the shorts. He got into the pool and sang “Lag Jaa Gale.” Surbhi asked Karanvir to get Romil dressed as a woman and he said he was an expert in doing that. As KV started dressing up Romil the two got into an argument. Jasmine asked them to maintain the decorum at least in front of her. As they started behaving Sree called Surbhi fake again and the two locked horns. Jasmine asked Dipika to perform for her. Dipika danced for Jasmine as Deepak crooned. Jasmine was impressed with Deepak and declared him the winner. Deepak made a vote appeal for the second time.

Surbhi tried to speak to Dipika after the task. Dipika told her that she shouldn’t have gotten at loggerheads with Sree ever. Sree got into the conversation and again called Surbhi fake. Surbhi said that it was unfair as he too has and was misbehaving with her. Sree kept calling Surbhi fake and Dipika second his opinion.

Gautam Gulati, Priyank Sharma and Kamiya Punjabi are all set to enter the house tomorrow. The housemates will be given one last chance to win the full prize money back. There is another surprise for the housemates as there would be a mid-week eviction in the house.