Bigg Boss 12 Written Update Day 103: Top finalists get a flashback of their journey so far


After a grilling session, Bigg Boss gave a breather to the contestants as today the five finalists were given a complete flashback of their journey in the house from the start till date. Each one of them was shown what the audience think of them. While some people like KV and Dipika gained their popularity for showing their tenacity in the game, Deepak was loved for his passion with which he made it so far. Fans have also loved Sree’s aggression and Romil seemed to have been popular not just for his game but even his good looks. Trophy or no trophy, the guy is defiantly walking out with a huge female fan following.

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Here’s all that happened in the house-:

Bigg Boss played Deepak’s journey. He complimented Deepak for making it so far. Bigg Boss also said that Deepak has always been a friend to everybody. Bigg Boss called him the light of the house and wished him luck for the finale.

[caption id="attachment_190885" align="aligncenter" width="716"] Deepak[/caption]

Karanvir went in next. He was shown what people’s view on him. They all had very high regards for his style of playing. Bigg Boss then played his journey from start to date. He was shown all his moments of “Mahanta.” Salman pulling his leg during Weekend Ka Vaar and what all people said about him. His fights with Sree and Dipika picking on him for all the wrong reasons. KV got emotional when he saw the footage of Teejay and his kids who had visited him during the family week. BB said that KV entered the show as a celeb but played it like true blue contestants. KV got emotional and said he is not just focusing on the trophy.

[caption id="attachment_190887" align="aligncenter" width="747"] Karanvir[/caption]

Sreesanth was next. While some appreciated his aggression, some people said he got sentimental at the right moment. Some fans even said that Sree had Bigg Boss wrapped around his little finger. BB showed him moments when he flaunted his status. Bigg Boss also made him revisit his special moments with KV and Dipika. He then played video of what had happened when Sree was nominated by Dipika and how housemates reacted to it. Bigg Boss told Sree that he is probably one of the only contestant to make a real relationship in the house. Bigg Boss said that of all the people the journey has been toughest for Sree and it has been just been the similar rollercoaster ride just like his journey in cricket.

[caption id="attachment_190888" align="aligncenter" width="719"] Sreesanth[/caption]

Next was Romil. Fans appreciated his strategies and his moves, some girls went all drooling over him. Bigg Boss played his journey. BB played his moments with the happy club, his special moments with his dear friend Deepak. Then came all his sleeping moments. Bigg Boss then played his special bond with Somi.

[caption id="attachment_190889" align="aligncenter" width="692"] Romil[/caption]

Dipika was next. Her fans loved her dignified way of playing. Bigg Boss played her journey from start till date. Dipika often had to face criticism for keeping her cool and giving importance to and focusing on his well being. Bigg Boss said he was impressed with the sensibility which Dipika had displayed. Dipika too got teary eyed.

[caption id="attachment_190890" align="aligncenter" width="689"] Dipika[/caption]

Finally, the winner of the season will be declared tomorrow. Who do you think will win the season? Who are you rooting for? Deepak, Romil, Dipika, KV or Sree!