Bigg Boss 14 Promo: Salman Khan schools Nikki Tamboli by cleaning Rakhi Sawant's bed after she refuses to do so, says 'no work is small'


Salman Khan will be seen teaching a lesson to Nikki Tamboli for not keeping the house hygienic and refusing to clean Rakhi Sawant's bed. In the latest promo, Salman is seen talking to the contestants about a particular issue. Eijaz Khan informs him that Nikki, who was assigned the task of making beds in the bedroom, refused to make Rakhi's bed. Nikki said in her defence that she didn't feel like doing it and hence did not do it at all. 

Salman said it is okay and soon housemates saw Salman entering the house to clean up the place. He does the pillows, folds the duvet, cleans the bed, picks up the make-up box and makes the bed. Aly tells, ‘Bhai ruk jao’. Salman answers, “Kyu bhai”.

After cleaning up the place Salman leaves saying, “No work is big or small. Had this been any film or serial you all would have given your best performance.” He then storms out of the room.

Looks like Nikki's behaviour has not gone down well with Salman! 

(Source: Colors TV)