Hoping that this month Ritesh jiju manages to come to India and enter Bigg Boss 14 to be with her: Rakhi Sawant's brother Rakesh


While Rakhi Sawant is still trying her best for the world to believe her husband Ritesh is real and she is actually married to him, her brother Rakesh Sawant has backed her story. The Bigg Boss 14 contestant's brother has said Ritesh loves Rakhi a lot and that she has "finally got a really good life partner and is happy."

Referring to her husband as 'jiju', Rakesh told a leading daily in an interview, "Ritesh jiju loves her very much and so does Rakhi. We all are very happy for her because she has finally got a really good life partner and she is happy. We don't interfere much in her personal space and want her to be happy. Rest everyone like Abhishek Awasthi and others used Rakhi to make their career and enter the industry. They used Rakhi's name and fame that she had then, to make their careers. Rakhi was naive back then and we would tell her they are not nice people, they are using her but then she was in love and she did not listen to us. I am hoping that this month Ritesh jiju manages to come to India and enter Bigg Boss to be with her. I want viewers to see that they are such a lovable couple."

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Rakesh claims that her marriage is not a lie and he himself was a part of the wedding. "The lockdown has affected Rakhi badly and we all are trying our best that at least once Ritesh jiju comes to India. Even he is trying his best and wants to tell people that the marriage is not a lie," he said.

As per reports, Ritesh has said that he has approached the makers of the show to allow him to enter the house this month. 

(Source: ETimes)