Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant's mother admitted to ICU, to undergo chemotherapy for cancerous tumour in gallbladder


Rakhi Sawant is currently in the Bigg Boss 14 house. Known as the no.1 entertainer of the house, she is delighting her fans with her antics and banters. While Rakhi seems to be all cheerful and happy, she is going through an emotional turmoil within as her mother Jaya Sawant is in the hospital for quite some time. Mrs. Sawant met her daughter during the family special episodes via video call from the hospital. Now, it has come to light that she has a huge tumour in her gallbladder which is unfortunately cancerous. 

Talking to a leading daily about Mrs. Sawant, Rakhi's mother, Rakesh, revealed that the doctors have operated on her and chemotherapy sessions will begin soon. "Our mother is in the hospital. She was operated upon on Saturday. She has a huge tumour in her gallbladder, which is cancerous and can't be operated upon. Now the doctors will start the chemotherapy from Monday onwards. We are praying that everything goes on fine and she recovers quickly," Rakesh told. 

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Rakesh further added that Rakhi is aware of her ailing mother's condition and operation. He said Mrs. Sawant wishes to see Rakhi play and win the trophy. "Yes, we had informed the makers of the show and they have in turn informed Rakhi about the same on Saturday. It is my mother's wish only that Rakhi should continue to stay inside the Bigg Boss house and should emerge the winner. She is really happy with her game and even saw the Friday episode. She is happy that Rakhi is successfully playing her second innings in her career. Mother is really proud of Rakhi," Rakesh added. 

(Source: Times Of India)