Don't cross the thin line: Pratik Sehajpal's sister Prerna warns him to maintain distance with Neha Bhasin in Bigg Boss OTT


Pratik Sehajpal got a reality check about his closeness with Neha Bhasin by his sister Prerna on Bigg Boss OTT. The actor-model was schooled by Prerna as she entered the house in the Family Task. For the unversed, Pratik and Neha share a close bond. Neha is married to Composer Sameer Udin since 2016.

Prerna told Pratik to not let his emotions take over his game. In midst of the family task, she also warned him about his relationship with Neha Bhasin. She told Pratik to maintain a distance and said, “Thodi si thin line hoti hai, thoda sa you need to understand. Thodi si boundaries hoti hai har cheez me. Bahar jo dekh rahe hai unko kaisa lag raha hai.”

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Pratik explained Prerna that Neha is just a very close friend, however, she warned him about his closeness with her. When she left, Neha was visibly upset. “I'm worried about the consequences of the way we’re living with each other. Main single hoti to kisi ko kuch fark nhi padta,” she said while making him understand.

Neha further added that their friendship and bond is not worth it if they are being misunderstood by their families themselves. She added that he should understand what his sister meant and stated that she didn’t mince her words and was clear about it. The episode ended with the two having a fight. but reconciling later.