Bigg Boss 15: Akasa develops soft corner for Pratik Sehajpal, Karan Kundrra asks latter to not play mind games with her


Bigg Boss 15 is just kickstarted and it seems love is already in the air. The audience saw Akasa bond well with Pratik Sehajpal in the house. It all started with a casual discussion about tattoos and now, it seems we shall soon get the first couple of this season. In the episode aired on Wednesday, Akasa told Karan Kundrra that she has developed a soft corner for Pratik. Karan, who knows Pratik for quite some time, was seen giving advice to the singer.

Karan told Akasa that though Pratik is a nice person, she shouldn't fall prey to his strategy. Referring to Miesha Iyer and Pratik, Karan felt they are involved and since they have done reality shows in the past, they are using all the tricks to go ahead in Bigg Boss 15. The singer told the actor that she is a person who doesn't like someone sitting alone or ignoring someone. Karan added that it can be Pratik's strategy to make a place in her heart. While ending the discussion, Karan said if Pratik calls Akasa after the show, she should go ahead. 

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After the discussion between Akasa and Karan, Pratik felt someone brainwashed the former. The singer tried to maintain distance from him. However, later in the day, she sat down with Pratik and said even if he is playing a game, she will always talk to him. Akasa said she'll soon get to know whether he is playing a game or not. 

The next morning, Karan spoke to Pratik about Akasa's feelings for the latter. Pratik confessed that Akasa is the only person in the house with whom he can connect. Karan asked Pratik to not play any mind games with her as she is a simple girl. He assured that he will never play games with her and won't hurt her too. 

(Source: Bigg Boss 15)