Bigg Boss 15: Ieshaan Sehgaal kisses Miesha Iyer, says 'I love you' as he tightly hugs her


It has only been a week since Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 15 aired but we already have a couple inside the house. Yes, we are talking about Ieshaan Sehgaal and Miesha Iyer, who clearly cannot keep their eyes off each other. A new video from the BB live feed has gone viral on the internet that shows Ieshaan saying 'I love you' to Miesha. 

A love-fueled moment of this new Bigg Boss pair is going viral from the live feed where Ieshaan can be seen locked in a tight embrace with Meisha as the kiss while avoiding the camera gaze. The actor can also be seen saying ‘I love you’ to Miesha after kissing her.

In an earlier episode, during the night time, Ieshaan and Miesha were sitting with each other in a cozy blanket when Miesha asked the former what kind of girl he likes. Ieshaan replied saying, "She should be pretty and cute, but I only want one thing that she should love me unconditionally." Then Ieshaan asked the same question to Miesha, who replied to him, "I like very off-beat kind of boys, like who can tolerate my tantrums."

Responding to her Ieshaan said, "I've been doing it since the last five days." He further added, "I don't know why but when you cried that day, I literally fell for you."

(Source: Instagram)