Bigg Boss 15 Promo: Ieshaan Sehgaal clarifies he is a 'straight guy', lashes out at Rajiv Adatia for tarnishing his image


Rumours were rife that Bigg Boss 15 contestant Ieshaan Sehgaal was in a relationship with wild card contestant Rajiv Adatia in the past. Rajiv, who entered the house on Monday, has been picking fights with Ieshaan and the reason is his relationship with his co-contestant Miesha Iyer. Ieshaan, who is clearly worried about his bond with Miesha, isn't very happy with Rajiv's entry.  

In a recent promo, Ieshaan walked up to Rajiv and tried to sort out things with him. However, the latter was in no mood to hear him out. Instead, he blamed Miesha for the change in Ieshaan's behaviour towards him. Miesha, who was a part of the conversation, looked upset. Rajiv told Miesha that he is 'very close' to Ieshaan. The latter requested him to not mix up two different relationships.  


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Things went out of control when Rajiv's rakhi sister, contestant Shamita Shetty, tried to make Ieshaan understand the situation. Ieshaan said he is a 'straight guy' and Rajiv's statements are tarnishing his image. 

Rajiv lashed out at Ieshaan and claimed they know each other for 2 years. He told Ieshaan to not instigate him. Rajiv said, "Mera munh mat khula." Amid all this, Miesha appeared to be heartbroken. 

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