Gauahar Khan raises voice against cyberbullying after Bigg Boss 15's Umar Riaz's fans target her, threatens them with police complaint


Former Bigg Boss winner Gauahar Khan has been actively following the ongoing 15th season of the show and is watching it closely to share her opinion on social media. In a recent episode, Bigg Boss 15 contestants Umar Riaz and Simba Nagpal got into a major fight after the latter pushed the former into the pool. Umar, a surgeon by profession, called Simba 'daily soap ka hero'. The housemates, who are mostly actors working in the Hindi television industry, were disappointed with Umar's remark. 

Gauahar, on Twitter, slammed Umar for using the term 'daily soap ka hero'. For the unversed, Umar is the elder brother of model Asim Riaz who was the first runner-up of Bigg Boss 13. Gauahar tweeted, "Daily soap ke hero ????????? Wow Umar ! I agree, Umar is nothing like Asim!!! At least till now! Asim was logical even in aggression! Asim was respectful even in anger!! Really want Umar to do better, n show something more than just aggression! #bb15 (sic)"

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However, Gauahar's opinion about Umar didn't go down well with the surgeon's fans. The actress was bullied by Umar's fans. In another tweet, Gauahar wrote, "This id is apparently of a girl , #gepi67 on insta , she’s wishing I was hit harder by an attacker just becoz she claims she is Umar Riaz fan ?????? Wow ! @imrealasim I supported u ur season bcoz u we’re doing well , Umar is doing well too , but just like others on the show." She added, "He makes some mistakes as well , these are ur fans who are supporting Umar u should probably teach them to not be cyber bullies n learn to accept peoples views , with aggression and violence ppl only fall flat they don’t rise ! Shame that a girls Id had so much hatred. Idols??"

She continued, "All these so-called fans who only blindly support during a season disappear in the next n follow the same sick behaviour for the next year’s contestants. Shame that there’s no rationale, no logic, no tolerance for other ppls views! I’m so proud of my crazylot that they know how."

Gauahar hoped that Umar's fans support him without bullying others. "To support without bringing others down, without abuses, without being badtameez (ill-mannered)! Wish these losers without real ids actually knew what making an identity is about! Remember u only support your own kind! I love the game, it’s my right to have an opinion. #keepurs #ilKeepmine," she stated. 

She further threatened them with a police complaint about cyberbullying. "But what they are doing is bullying n I can report them to the police , each id will be investigated , they really think they can get away with it. Hence it needs to stop ! #NoCyberBullying," Gauahar tweeted. 

(Source: Twitter)