Bigg Boss 16: 'Aap hote koun ho' - Tina Datta’s mother gives it back to Sumbul Touqeer’s father for abusing her daughter on national television


Tina Datta entered the sixteenth edition of Colors’ Bigg Boss after she was approached for a couple of old seasons in the past. Since her entry, Datta has been making noise everywhere. Be it her style statement, chic fashion, one liners, bold arguments or strong stands; Tina has been the talk-of-town inside as well as outside the house.

Yesterday an incident happened in the show where on medical appeal Sumbul Toqueer Khan’s father got a chance to speak to Sumbul, where he broke the BB rules and gave Sumbul house information. He spoke demeaning comments against Tina and Shalin and even abused Tina on national television. This vile behavior and the fact that Sumbul’s father got a second opportunity to talk to her has upset the audience as well as Tina’s mother.

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Tina’s mom got emotional and teary-eyed seeing her daughter being abused and demeaned on national television. Since she didn’t get an opportunity to go and express her views on TV, she has released a video on Tina’s social media, appealing to the audience if it was right for someone to abuse and demean her daughter on a national platform? A crying mother went on to ask if giving such an advice of showing someone their ‘aukat’ is a parent’s duty?

As they say, never burn someone’s house to build their own! What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments below.