Bigg Boss 16: Fahmaan Khan enters the show as wildcard entry, promises to lend support to Imlie co-star Sumbul Touqeer as Shalin Bhanot & Tina Datta get angry at her


Things are getting heated up inside Bigg Boss 16 with fights between the housemates reaching a crescendo. Only recently Tina Datta’s mother slammed Sumbul Touqeer’s father for abusing and demeaning her daughter on national television as he appeared on Bigg Boss 16 for some time. Now, things are going bad to worse among Sumbul, Tina and Shalin Bhanot. In the upcoming episode of BB 16, there will be a major clash among the trio with Shalin losing his cool over Sumbul and kicking a table. Tina will also get agitated while Sumbul can be seen breaking down in tears.

In the promo, shared by the channel’s official social media page, we see Shalin losing his cool and yells at Sumbul, “Why the f**k you are talking to us? Dur raho! Dimag kharab hai kya? (Stay away, are you out of your mind),” and he kicks a table in rage. On the other hand, Tina punches a wall and screams, “Mera character assassination kar rahe hai (They are doing my character assassination).”


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Sumbul can be seen having palpitations and breaking down in tears. She tries to clarify and says, “Ismein aadhe se zyada baatein Maine nahi kahi hai (Half the things being said has not been spoken by me).” Other housemates like Shiv Thakare and MC Stan try to calm her down.

However, she is eventually cheered by Bigg Boss himself when he announces the season’s first wildcard entry in the form of Sumbul’s Imlie co-star Fahmaan Khan. Seeing him, Sumbul rushes to meet him and hugs him. She asks, “'Yeh sapna hai kya tu sachi mein aagaya, tu toh nahi aane wala tha' (Am I dreaming, you actually came. You weren't going to come, right?).” To this Fahmaan replies and says, “'Mereko laga tujhe zaroorat hai' (I thought you need me here).”


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Sajid Khan asks Sumbul whether she is happy now and she replies in the affirmative and says, “Main bohot khush hu, yeh aa gaya mujhe aur kuch nahi chahiye. (I am very happy, he came and now I don't want anything else.)” The upcoming episode surely promises to bring in new twists-and-turns with Fahmaan’s entry.

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