Sumbul Touqeer's father abusing Tina Datta to Archana Gautam calling Priyanka Chahar Choudhary 'naali waali aurat', looking back at major catfights on Bigg Boss 16


Bigg Boss recently announced that this sixteenth season got an extension of four weeks. The show has reached its midpoint now and the game is only getting more interesting day by day. With all the entertainment factors in place, the show is also getting controversial subsequently. One thing to observe is how women have been demeaned on the show and have been going through harsh remarks. The recent incident of Sreejita De demeaning Tina Datta and making some serious personal remarks about her has gone bonkers in the outside world. And Sreejita has been getting slammed by Bigg Boss fans, as well as the industry people.

While analyzing this scenario, there have been ample incidents when women were demeaned and demoralized on national television in Bigg Boss season 16. Here's looking at the major catfights on the show:

Sumbul Toqueer Khan’s father abusing Tina Datta

The heated drama where Sumbul Touqueer’s father abused Tina Datta on national television has to be one of the bad highlights of this season. On the false pretext of health, he not only got on a call with Sumbul but also guided her regards to the game and passed nasty comments on Tina.

Sreejita De calling Tina Datta a 'gold digger' and 'home breaker'

In the recent episode, Sreejita De went on to pass some really bad remarks about Tina. She spoke filth about her personal life. Previously she even called Tina a gold digger in a subtle manner and yesterday too, she said the same thing by also allegedly calling Datta a home breaker…

Archana Gautam calling Priyanka Choudhary ‘Naali waali aurat’

Archana and Priyanka’s fights are not new, but Archana has crossed her limits all the time. From questioning Priyanka and Ankit’s relationship status to calling Choudhary ‘Naali Waali Aurat.’ Archana has been passing demeaning commentary on the latter and it continues…

MC Stan’s distasteful remarks on Priyanka Chahar Choudhary 

MC Stan’s dirty language and foul gameplay are already known. He has repeatedly crossed all limits. He has been giving threats to other contestants after having fights with them. His distasteful remarks on Priyanka have been too low though. He marked statements like ‘Isn’t one man enough for her?’

Shalin Bhanot, Gautam Singh Vig and Soundarya Sharma demoralizing Jananis

Jananis are hardworking housewives of India. In fights, Shalin Bhanot as well Gautam Singh Vig had been using this work in a negative way to demean each other. Calling each other ladki, and Gautam’s hand gestures done by the transgenders were in bad taste. Soundarya Sharma too used the word Janani to pass a derogatory remark about Tina. 

While the times are changing, certain societal behavioral patterns still need a revolution. Such degrading and demeaning commentary on national television is unworthy and of the utmost low taste!