Bigg Boss 16 family week: Farah Khan enters house to support brother Sajid Khan, invites contestants home for a party after show wraps- Reports


Bigg Boss 16 contestants Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, Abdu Rozik, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Tina Datta, Sajid Khan, Shalin Bhanot, Archana Gautam, Sumbul Touqeer, Shiv Thakare, Soundarya Sharma and MC Stan have been away from their family for nearly 3 months now. As the show is inching closer to its finale, the makers will allow the housemates to meet and stay with their close ones inside the house for a day.

The contestants will get a chance to meet their family members who will be entering the house with a purpose. As the game gets tougher, they will be giving a much-needed pep talk to them. Sajid's sister Farah Khan has been chosen to enter the house for a day. In the upcoming family week episode, the filmmaker will be stepping inside to support her brother.

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According to reports, Farah met all the contestants and gave honest feedback in terms of their game. She was reportedly happy to meet Shiv, Abdu and Stan and also told them that she found 3 brothers in them. The filmmaker also got Veg Pulao, Khatta Aloo, Yakhni Pulao and Burger for Abdu. 

Furthermore, Farah said Priyanka is the Deepika Padukone of the house whereas Shalin is Shah Rukh Khan. She called Archana 'Teekhi Mirchi'. Apart from this, she invited all the contestants to her house for a party once Bigg Boss 16 wraps.

While Farah came in to support Sajid, Priyanka and Archana's brothers will be entering the house. Shiv, Tina, Soundarya, Stan and Shalin will get to meet their mothers. Nimrit's father, Sumbul's uncle and Sreejita's fiance will be entering the house to support them.  

(Source: Bigg Boss_Tak)