'Crime Patrol...' to show stories on children's safety


"Crime Patrol Dial 100" will dedicate the week to five stories on children's safety, says its host Annup Soni.

As Children's Day will fall on Tuesday, the crime show has planned special episodes focussing on their safety.

"We are treating this week as children's safety week. There will be five stories related to crime against children and also children committing crime as that is also on the rise," Annup told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

Will there be an episode on the Ryan International School murder case?

"No. We avoid cases that are still under investigation. We don't want to jump to conclusions. We don't have the right to judgment," he said.

Giving an insight into the episodes, he said: "There will be cases where children committed crime, how they got into it, what kind of precautions can be taken."

He stressed on the importance of communication between children, their parents and the society.

"We always have parents who expect children to behave like them. 'We used to do this when we were children'. That's not going to happen because the environment is different and there is a generation gap too. So, there will be difference in thinking.

"We have to create an environment in our house where children should be fearless about sharing anything with parents. Parents should monitor them, but not be over-possessive or put a lot of restrictions," said Annup.


As part of a society, people need to stop forcing children to be too competitive.

"Every child is different. If a child is not good in studies, he might be good in sports or some other activity. Society shouldn't be judgemental," said the actor.

He has some advice for parents too.

"What happens is that sometimes parents don't care about fighting in front of children. They get affected by it," he said.

Annup has been serving as the host of the show for a while now. Has it affected him too?

"I think I have completed about 1,500 episodes of 'Crime Patrol' since 2010. By 1,500 episodes I mean 1,500 cases. Somewhere or the other, the effect is negative. So, initially I used to easily panic. Later, I tried to see the positive side of it.

"It has changed me as a person. I have become a more positive person now," said Annup, who used to host "Crime Patrol Satark" as well.

The whole message of the Sony Entertainment Television show is that "crime is not the solution to problems".

"People have thousands of problems. Those who don't commit crimes doesn't mean that they don't have problems. After committing a crime, they put themselves in a bigger problem," he said.

(Written By -Natalia Ningthoujam)