Single Mothers Urvashi, Juhi, Kamya, Neena and more speak up about motherhood on Women's Day


Today is the day dedicated to all the women who broke all the stereotypes re-defining women identity. And how could we ignore mothers on this special day? For a woman, it is a special feeling to bring her child into this world together with her husband. Unfortunately, some marriages do not work and the couple split.

However, lots of Television celebrities have shown that single mother can also grow their child with full care and attention.

On this occasion, we bring you the list of 5 TV actresses who are proud to be single moms:

Dalljiet Kaur

Actress Dalljiet Kaur was once happily married to Shaleen Bhanot for years and has a son named Sharav with him. Their marriage turned sour when Shaleen physically assaulted the actress. Few months later, Daljeet filed for the divorce and the couple is now separated. Daljeet has taken the custody of her son.

On being single mother:

To be honest, it’s not an easy task. However, I have my parents support and so I take it as a challenge now. I want Sharav to be proud of me and trust me; I have no calms working day and night to raise my child in the best way possible. Whether its financially or emotionally, I am raising my child single-handedly and I am really proud of it.

Juhi Parmar

A few days ago, small screen actress Juhi Parmar has filed for divorce with husband Sachin Shroff after 8 years of marriage on mutual consent. The couple has been staying separately for more than a year now. Apparently, Juhi has taken the custody of her 55-year-old daughter Samaira.

On being single mother:

The worst part is that no matter how much effort I will put, I know I cannot be a father to her. This really hurts me a lot and I cannot do anything about it. I cannot say it is difficult but yes, I have to prepare myself, make my mind and accept the fact that I am a single parent now.

Kamya Punjabi

Kamya got married to Bunty Negi and had a daughter, Aara in 2009. Four years later, the couple got divorce on a mutual consent. Post divorce, Kamya took the responsibility of raising her daughter single-handedly.

On being single mother:

My world revolves around Aara and she is everything to me. I cannot imagine my life without her. Yes, I am a strict mother and I am little possessive about her. I am also very protective (laughs). But yes, I am proud of being a single mother and I try my best to fulfill all my responsibilities towards her. She is life to me (smiles).

Urvashi Dholakia

Urvashi got married at the age of 16 and became mom of twins at 17! However, her marriage couldn’t last more than two years. In her teenage days, the beautiful actress raised her children all alone.

On being a single mother:

Raising the children all alone was not that easy; however I had my parents support to me. The journey was little tough but yes, I am proud of it. Initially, I supported my children and now they are my support system.

Neena Gupta

Masaba Gupta is the love child of Neena Gupta andWest Indies cricketer, Vivian Richards. The beautiful broke all the stereotypes when she decided to raise Masaba single handedly.

On single mother:

I don’t know why I am being questioned every time on this topic. Yes, I had taken decision of raising Masaba all alone and it was a proud decision at that time. All I can say is that I did it by choice which I am proud of it.