Koffee With Karan Season 6 Finale: Kirron Kher’s unabashed wit and Vir Das’ hilarious punches deserve a standalone episode


If you are one of those following Karan Johar, Kirron Kher and Malaika Arora’s ‘Toodles’ series, well, hello and welcome! For you must be familiar with all the taanas and quick-witted remarks Kirron ji passes at Karan for his ultra-young choices to out-of-the-box dressing sense and everything in between. She is basically the typical Punjabi mother from Dostana, in real life though. Much to our delight, the Chandigarh MP served sass and savage on a platter during the guest appearance she made on KJo-hosted Koffee With Karan.

Her unabashed pep talk has us rooting for a standalone episode for the veteran! But only with actor-comedian Vir Das in combination. Vir, who was also a part of the ‘coalition’ aka the illustrious jury, kicked off on the note of turning KWK into this frivolous show! “The set of KWK is so pink that actress Taapsee Pannu tried to act in it,” were one of the many lines that punched straight through our funny bones, making us laugh from side to side.

Mallika Dua was a surprise. Given her oh-so-funny and hysterical characters on Instagram, we expected to see Makkup Didi or Shaggs at least her spot-on depiction of Sarojini Nagar shoppers – but, alas, she was settled for ‘modesty.’ That in no way, however, compromised the Hilar-O-Meter for Kirron and Vir brought plenty of humour in their arsenal of weapons to compensate for the lack of others!

So, without further ado, we bring to you ten hysterical moments from last night’s episode that were downright uproarious:

Joking about the sets of the Star World series, Vir said that there is so much red around that they pay royalty to couturier Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

Going straight for the win, Vir called out how the show’s name had a ‘K’ in coffee and even offered an explanation – ultimate LOL moment!

Not mincing words and censoring his jokes, Vir also mentioned the off-camera celebrity talk!

If you ask Vir, Punjabi sensation Diljit Dosanjh was out on a gedi and popped up for the show. Moreover, he felt the Udta Punjab star was asked some real weird questions, which BTW we agree to!

Now we all know that saada Diljit is very shy types! And imagine a person like Kirron Ji asking him point blank about doing it in khet (field) or a car…moving on swiftly

Kirron Ji dissed the millennial lingo left, right and centre. Of course, she didn’t spare KJo either!

Whoever you are, know that you cannot ruin Kirron Ji’s ‘sound’ – jutte padd jaane hai!

Vir, with his unpopular picks, remained the odd man out for most of the awards that were given away! At one point, Kirron suggested both the favourites picked by the panel be awarded. But Vir thought (God knows why) that she meant literally splitting one trophy into two and of course, got a piece of Mrs. Kher’s mind.

You don’t mess with Kirron Ji. Period.

Kirron Ji ki nazron se bachna mushkil he nahi, namumkin hai.

When Vir offered an explanation, he was simply asked to shut up. “Tu chup kar!”

That moment when Kirron Ji asked Malaika to cover her legs and even asked for a blanket for her – might we add we died of a laughter attack right in that scene?

The light-hearted, extremely comical and ridiculously funny episode literally has us rooting for an exclusive episode featuring Kirron Kher and Vir Das. Take all our money! Where do we sign, guys?

Sending it out in the universe, Karan you gotta make it happen! How about starting season 7 with these two legends of their own right?