'She was gasping for breath': Aashka Goradia recounts BFF Juhi Parmar’s near death incident


TV actress Juhi Parmar recently revealed that she encountered a near-death experience on Holi. Her nasal passage choked and she wasn't able to breathe. Now, Juhi's friend Aashka Goradi has revealed shocking details, thereby claiming that she was given wrong medicines by doctors.


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"It was traumatic and Juhi Parmar will not forget it for the longest time. She vomited in a very bent position that day, simply because she didn't want her daughter to see it. What followed was a nightmare,” Aashka said in a statement to an entertainment portal.

The actress added, "Juhi and her daughter had come over for dinner. They were chilling, when Juhi suddenly felt very uncomfortable and said that she was feeling a bout of indigestion. Due to her excessive bending, the vomit went into her nasal passage and she started choking. We had to rush her to a nearby hospital and we were relieved that she soon got medical assistance. But little did we know what lay in store."

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Aashka further revealed, "Juhi was administered some wrong medicines. They gave her something that started drying up her nasal passage. This, in turn, gave her more difficulty in breathing. And so, she was gasping for breath." She concluded by saying, "I yelled, but by then a certain amount of damage had already been done. We had no option but to act fast and get her discharged from that hospital. Thankfully, we reached Kokilaben Ambani Hospital in the nick of time and my friend was given the right treatment."

(Source: SpotboyE)