‘Manish Naggdev slipped into depression post his breakup with Srishty Rode', says Kamya Punjabi


Few days back, actor Manish Naggdev revealed the real reason behind his break up with former Bigg Boss contestant Srishty Rode. He posted a long note on his Instagram page and lashed out at Srishty for manipulating and using him for professional gains.

Talking about what made him to write this open letter, Manish said, “What can I do? She hadn’t given me a proper closure after a 4-year relationship in which I included her in every aspect of my life, family and my personal career. She had broken up with me over a phone call and when I had asked her if we could talk about it face to face she replied saying ‘I am at the peak of my career, I don’t wish to be in this relationship anymore and as it is I am separated, what is left to talk about?’ That was a sudden shock to me.”

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He further added, “Some people think that I have dumped her but it is not at all true. In fact, it was just the opposite. While she was in the Bigg Boss house, I supported her from outside. There was a trust between us and she broke that trust post she came out of the house. This entire incident depressed me a lot. The moment I used to come out of this situation, the very next moment, I would read some stories related either to her or me. People would tag me in that story and so I decided to speak for once and all.”

“We shared a great relationship, but there is no point in pouting after it has ended. Of course, it’s unbearable, as it’s not easy to forget someone you have been in love with, but I am all focused on work now,” the actor concluded.

Manish’s close friend Kamya Punjabi also revealed about the actor slipping into depression during the breakup phase. “Manish was betrayed. Ever since, he has been unable to come to terms with the sudden end to a four-year long relationship. They had even got engaged. It gets more difficult when you don't talk about it, and on top of that, you are accused of being the bad guy. A man is not always to be blamed for a relationship or marriage going kaput. No wonder the poor guy slipped into depression.”

"I was there and saw how he supported his partner during her Bigg Boss stint and this is what he got in return. She ended the relationship with just a phone call. Agreed you might want to move on but at least give it closure. I am glad that Manish has finally decided to go public. There is nothing wrong in admitting that your relationship did not work. I too had a bad time after my guy just left, but then I kept it all cooped up inside me," she added.

Srishty and Manish were engaged to be married and dated for more than three years.

(Source: Dainik Bhaskar / IMW Buzz)