I remember getting bagfuls of fan mail when I played young Balram: Chetan Hansraj shares his journey of 'Mahabharat'


BR Chopra’s epic saga Mahabharat is among the most iconic shows on Indian television till date. While it enjoyed immense popularity in the late 80s when it was released, people are loving it as it airs once again on Colors channel.

Mahabharat enjoyed such popularity among the masses that every actor associated with the show became a star and had a fanbase. One such actor is Chetan Hansraj who played the young Balram. Chetan, who was a child actor back then recalls receiving a ton of fan mail. He shared, “I was 14-years-old when I played Balram in Mahabharat, and it was completely magical. All of us used to get lots of feedback and messages from fans via letters. I was in school and every day I used to receive gunny bags full of letters. Back then, there was a photograph-autograph system with fan mails. So, fans would mail me an empty envelope with a return stamp attached and had to sign the picture and send it back with the letter. It was my daily routine. Before going to school, I would sign my pictures and put them in the envelopes. Every morning my father would give me a stack of envelopes with pictures to sign. It was a wonderful time and I have so many memories attached to the show and I am glad I am getting the opportunity to relive it on Colors."

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The show airs daily from 7 pm to 9 pm.