Watch: ‘One more Chinese virus called TikTok is going away from our lives,’ says Mukesh Khanna as TikTok ratings take a drop on app stores


There have been lots of negative comments about TikTok which has resulted in a drop in its rating on app stores. Actor Mukesh Khanna is pretty pleased with the hit TikTok’s popularity has taken. He says he supports the people’s campaign to ‘drive TikTok away from our lives.’ #BanTikTok and several other hashtags have been rampant on social media that are against the video making app. 

Mukesh shared a video on his Instagram page where he spoke about how TikTok is for useless people. He said, “TikTok faltu logon ka kaam hai. Aur yeh unhe aur bhi faltu banata chala jaa raha hai (Tiktok is for useless people and the app is making them even more useless).” He also said that the videos are spreading vulgarity among the youth. 


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He said, “Friend, there are many other things to do than just making TikTok videos. In these difficult times, we are getting good news. One more Chinese virus called TikTok is going away from our lives. The rating has come down from 4.5 to 1.3. I am happy that you are driving TikTok away from your lives. I want to say that you keep TikTok on the top of the Chinese product list that needs to be banned. Save the youth from getting destroyed and join this campaign.”

Smartphone users have been review bombing the TikTok app on various app stores after YouTuber CarryMinati roasted TikTokers in a viral video that was taken down by YouTube. On Google Play, the rating of the TikTok app has gone down from 4.7 (out of 5) to a ‘poor’ 1.6. Most of the comments are from YouTube supporters. 
Recently, TikTok user Faizal Siddiqui’s account was taken down after he made a video where he glorified acid attacks on women. He received lots of flak for it and NCW took cognizance of the matter as well. 

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