Shweta Tiwari's ex-employee accuses her of not clearing his dues, says 'I'm chasing her for my Rs. 53k for over 2 years now'


Television actress Shweta Tiwari has been accused by an ex-employee of her acting school of not clearing his dues. Rajesh Pandey, who worked as a teacher at the actress's institute named Shweta Tiwari's Creative School Of Acting has levelled allegations that Shweta is yet to pay Rs. 53, 000 which is pending for nearly 2 years now. In an interview with a leading publication, Rajesh claimed that when he tried to reach out to Shweta on multiple occasions, he blocked him on Whatsapp. 

Talking to the publication, Rajesh said that he joined Shweta's school of acting in 2012. When the academy had to be shut in 2018, Shweta assured that she would clear all his payments. However, two years later, he is yet to receive it. "I used to be a teacher at Shweta Tiwari's acting school for five years. Since 2012, I was associated with the academy where about 10-15 students regularly pursued acting. Unfortunately, two years ago, Shweta had to close her acting school as there were no students. However, they assured me that they would pay me. Today, it has been two years, neither she has given my remaining salary nor is giving the deducted money in the name of income tax.

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Rajesh continued saying that though they deducted 10% TDS but they haven't done so. "Today, amid the pandemic, people are coming forward to help each other but Shweta Tiwari is not giving back my money, which is 40000 a month. It is also to the extent that they deducted 10% of the salary in the name of tax, that they will deposit it in the Income Tax Department, which is not even deposited. The amount is Rs. 12000. Here all the schools are closed for 6-7 months. I am financially exhausted," Rajesh said. 

Mentioning that Shweta blocked him on Whatsapp when he messaged regarding the same, Rajesh stated that he respects her but such kind of a behavior isn't worth forgiving. Calling the actress an inspiration, Rajesh said he is hoping that Shweta understands his problem and clears his dues. "At a time when no one has money, where do I go and whom should I ask for help? Shweta Tiwari is an inspiration to many people. I am ashamed of my condition. I have money to feed myself only for 3-4 days. I am looking forward to receiving my money," he concluded.  

(Source: Dainik Bhaskar)