Not against them but don't want them to be together: Shehnaaz Gill's father Santokh Singh Sukh on her relationship with Sidharth Shukla


Shehnaaz Gill's father Santokh Singh Sukh, who recently expressed his anger over the Punjabi singer for not keeping in touch with him, has now talked about her relationship with Bigg Boss 13 close friend Sidharth Shukla. 

“I don’t know why her calls to me started decreasing, even though she kept in touch with her mother. She hasn’t met her grandparents after her stints in Bigg Boss 13 and ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karoge’,” he has now said in a new interview.

Talking about the SidNaaz relationship, he said, “I wouldn’t like to say anything on this. It’s her personal life,” he said in answer to a question about Sidharth, “Na main unke khilaaf hoon, na main unke haque mein hoon. Na hi main iska virodh karta hoon aur na hi main chahta hoon ki yeh dono saath rahen. Main Daddy hoon, lekin agar koi mujhe Daddy samjhe tab na. Agar koi samjhega nahin ki main Daddy hoon, toh main Daddy kaika hoon? Bachche ko samajhna chahiye ki mera baap hai (I am her father only if she considers me as such).”

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Talking about what lead to the feud between the two, he had said earlier, “Shehnaaz shot in Chandigarh and could not come to meet her own family which is just two hours away. I came to know about her shooting in Chandigarh also through the media reports and not her personally. Her grandfather has recently undergone a knee operation but she did not bother to at least pay a visit and check on him.”

He also said that he had promised family members to introduce them to her, but she’d refused to do a meet-and-greet, leaving him red-faced in front of his community.

(Source: Times Of India)