I was told that I won’t make it big, was laughed at when declined an offer of compromise: Kumkum Bhagya actor Zeeshan Khan on facing casting couch


Kumkum Bhagya actor Zeeshan Khan has opened up about having experienced the casting couch when he was starting out as an actor. He said that he was laughed at when he refused to give in.

In an interview, the actor said that this incident happened with him when he was struggling as an actor and he was laughed at when he declined the offer to compromise. He believes casting couch, that is one of the horrible truths of the industry, should not exist. Opening about the entire incident, Zeeshan told an entertainment website, “When I was new, I was told that I won’t make it big and was laughed at when I declined an offer of compromise. And that incident was heartbreaking. It breaks the spirits of many such actors. But I still made it to the top with my hard work. Who’s laughing now?”

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The Kumkum Bhagya actor also wants to see yet another change in the industry that is the hiring of actors based on their followers on social media rather than their skill. He said, “It is just unfair because some really talented people might have less followers and some people might not be as talented but they would get through because they’re famous on social media.”

(Source: SpotboyE)