It's completely on us: ALT Balaji associates apologise for liking a derogatory tweet against Shehnaaz Gill


The OTT platform, ALT Balaji is gearing up for the release of their much-anticipated show, Broken But Beautiful 3 starring Sidharth Shukla and Sonia Rathee. The romantic drama is garnering much attention and the platform is delighting fans by acknowledging their excitement. However, ALT Balaji landed in trouble after their associates, Autumn Worldwide, accidentally liked a derogatory tweet about Shehnaaz Gill. For the unversed, Shehnaaz and Sidharth are close friends since Bigg Boss 13. 

Soon after fans of Shehnaaz noticed ALT Balaji's like on the derogatory tweet, they slammed the OTT platform for disrespecting the actress. The hashtag 'Shame On ALT Balaji' was trending all over. One Twitter user wrote, "It is just not right. What mentality these guys have , just Pathetic. It is very disrespectful , it is Shehnaaz today tommorw might be someone else. They have to undo and apologize it." Another user wrote, "Such a shameful act coming from a big company like @altbalaji How much unprofessional are they if they even liked that disgusting tweet ‘by mistake’ APOLOGIES to #ShehnaazGill."

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In the middle of the outrage, ALT Balaji's associates, Autumn Worldwide, issued a statement and apologised for the 'human error'. "We are Autumn, ORM associates for ALTBalaji, managing their social media responses. Last night, one of our team member by human error liked a tweet about Shehnaaz that was not in good taste. We hold the fans & actors in the highest regard and never meant to hurt anyone. We humbly apologise to the actor, ALTBalaji and all the fans. We have put stringent processes in place and will ensure this never occurs again. We're sorry and this is completely on us, not ALTBalaji. We hope you continue giving ALTBalaji & their shows as much love as you have," the statement read.

Shehnaaz is yet to react to the whole controversy.

(Source: Twitter)