Ravi Dubey recalls getting suicidal thoughts, says one can 'surmount the biggest of obstacles' with positive outlook and hope


Ravi Dubey is one of the most popular TV, and now OTT stars. He is one of the highest-paid actors on Indian television and has been actively working for over a decade. But this hasn't come to him easily. Be it on the professional front or personal, Ravi has overcome various obstacles. In a recent interview, Ravi opened up about having suicidal thoughts during a difficult patch in life. The actor turned producer shared that even though it is okay to feel low, one should always remember that there is a whole world of possibilities out there and one must not lose hope.

"I read this quote, everything works for the light – especially the shadows. it’s the dark areas of your life and whenever you visit them, you are filled with immense gratitude. You can literally see the magic of life. There was a difficult patch in one’s life, but then who doesn’t have a difficult patch in their life? Everyone does. It’s not about how difficult the circumstances are, it’s the matter of your headspace. If your headspace is one of strength and positivity, you can surmount the biggest of obstacles. But if your headspace has gotten corrupted, even small difficulties overwhelm you. You think life has no hope – but how can there be no hope when tomorrow has yet not come? The choice is binary – it could be bad, it could be good – but there’s a chance it could be good, so align with that thought," Ravi told. 

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Ravi further said that he doesn’t weigh his self-worth with his commercial success. "Is my self-worth or the way I value myself always have to do with the success I achieved? Or does it also have to do with the skill set I achieved? Or the person I have become. We have a very blurry perspective on self-worth. We always attach it to how much we have, not who we are. In your life, you don’t manifest what you want, you manifest what you are! In your own eyes, you gotta be famous. You gotta be good, great, the best in the world!" he added. 

(Source: I Have Feelings hosted by Priyam Saha)