Anupamaa: Sudhanshu Pandey finally breaks silence on rumours of tension between him and Rupali Ganguly, hints at 'difference of opinion'


There were rumours of a "cold war" between Rupali Ganguly and Sudhanshu Pandey on the sets of their popular daily soap, Anupamaa. Reportedly, it started after Sudhanshu aka Vanraj shared the show's latest promo without tagging Rupali aka Anupamaa. Now, Sudhanshu has finally broken his silence on the matter. Talking to a leading daily, the actor said that people create such silly things and he fails to understand how their minds work.  

"These are such silly things that people create. I don’t even understand how their minds work. How will I achieve anything in my career by untagging someone? Generally, the practice is to tag people who are associated with the picture and mostly I copy-paste the link I get from someone on my social media. When the show started, Rupali and I posted many videos together because we were married in the show. Now, I am married to Kavya (Madalsa Sharma), so obviously, to promote the track, we will post videos together," Sudhanshu told. 

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Though Sudhanshu said there is nothing wrong between him and Rupali, he definitely hinted at a 'difference of opinion'. He further told that rift or cold war are too strong words to be used. "Rupali and I are good co-actors and friends, too. There is nothing wrong between us. And a difference of opinion between two actors at times is very normal and can happen any day. There are so many times when you don’t agree on something and get a little upset but then it is over. And that happens not only with actors working on the sets, it also happens between two individuals at home. Rift or cold war are too strong words to use," Sudhanshu explained. 

He concluded saying, "I have been around for a long time and worked in 41 films, till now. I have worked opposite Bollywood actresses and I will never get into frivolous matters. The title of the show is Anupamaa – but the show revolves around the husband, wife and his lover. It is the story of a family. So, it is normal for people to jump to assumptions around what happens behind the scenes."

Madalsa Sharma, who plays Kavya in Anupamaa, reacted to the matter and told an entertainment portal, "What rubbish. These are just rumours. Nothing of this sort is happening."

(Source: Times Of India)