Single mother Chahatt Khanna opens up about facing financial difficulties, says she is 'raising two kids with little help and even little money'


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns, actors are suffering as work offers are drying up. With no steady flow of income, many are struggling to make ends meet. Actors are now hoping that the situation gets back to normal soon. In the middle of this, Chahatt Khanna has opened up about facing financial difficulties. The actress, who is raising her two daughters, Zohar and Amaira single-handedly, shared on Twitter that work offers have dried up but motherhood has given her the confidence to do more than what is expected of her.

On Twitter, Chahatt wrote, "Motherhood is being misunderstood. I am a single mother and raising two kids with little help and even little money. They judge me that I might not be left with the same calibre that I once was but motherhood gets you to be 2x and sometimes more of what you can be because you are working for your kids and their future. The work offers has dried but I am not a lesser person or an actor. I am stronger, fitter and better in each aspect. Bring it on."

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Chahatt welcomed her daughters with her former husband Farhan Mirza, the son of Shahrukh Mirza. They tied the knot in 2013 and parted ways in 2018 after Chahatt accused Farhan of sexual and mental harassment.

(Source: Twitter)