Troll accuses Sofia Hayat of having 'sexual' relations with Abhinav Shukla, former hits back


Social media is a popular platform to interact with your friends. Celebrities have been using it to connect with their fans virtually. While social media has its own merits, its demerits cannot be ignored. Trolling, using abusive language, making false claims, etc has become much easier. Bollywood and TV stars are the ones who are majorly dealing with bullying and trolling. Recently, a troll accused Bigg Boss 7 participant Sofia Hayat of having "sexual" relations with Bigg Boss 14's Abhinav Shukla. 

A user on Instagram messaged Sofia and wrote, "I know everything between you and ABHINAV Shukla... He also used you for sexual purpose... I'm going to take legal action against u and ur one night stand wala partner ABHINAV SHUKLA..." The user went on to make some nasty comments and hoped she and her parents die soon. The anonymous user also shamed Sofia's parents for raising a "cheap shameless" person. 


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Sofia shared the screenshot of the message on her Instagram account. She wrote, "It was my mistake. I don't check my DMs usually. But she started off saying she desperately needed help. After a few minutes, I realised she was a liar so I had blocked her. She made another account and sent this message! No one should ever be afraid of people like this. Trolls and bullies have an inner sadness that they inflict upon others. I understand energy and know that it is their energy and not mine, so when I get a message like this, I feel sorry for someone with such sadness and hatred for themselves and can only hope they work on themselves to release this pain instead of hurting others. But then, I don't get hurt, because I am not invested in this person. Bullies cannot hurt you when you know, their bullying is an inner reflection of their own state of mind. I send you love and blessings. May your heart and mind be clear. If not..I'm having a wonderful life and day :)"

In a video, Sofia explained that she has never heard about Abhinav nor met him in person. 


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Sofia, who participated in Bigg Boss 7, has remained in the headlines for making controversial statements. Back in 2016, Sofia embraced spirituality, became a nun, adopted the name Gaia Sofia Mother and quit the path a year later. While Sofia is dating an athlete, Abhinav is happily married to Rubina Dilaik, with whom he participated in Bigg Boss 14. He is yet to react to the entire matter. 

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